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Jan 18, 2012 08:49 AM

How long to keep smoked salmon

This relates to my smoked salmon appetizer recipe question below. Ha!

For Christmas I received a generous gift of a whole smoked salmon from Scotland. It's beautifully packaged w/plastic between the salmon layers making for easy serving. It has a March 2012 expiration date.

I served some Christmas morning and wrapped it up well and refridgerated planning to serve the rest this upcoming weekend. I just checked it and read the fine print which says when the vacume pack is opened you should serve within 3 days. :(

It tastes fine, perhaps a bit salty, but the edges of the top piece are slightly discolored...brownish. May I cut that away and serve or should I toss? Thanks!

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  1. If it looks OK, smells OK and tastes OK, then it's probably OK.

    That said, I'm not sure I'd be keen to eat it so long after the 3 day advisory. Three days is the standard advisory on our vac-pack meat and fish. It'll last longer, of course, but.........

    1. I agree with Harters. I wouldn't ignore the three day rule. However, I have successfully refrozen smoked salmon (the Northwest kind, which is hot smoked) and served it in a pasta dish. Everyone thought it was yummy, and no one died. Maybe you could try freezing it next time?

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        Freezing works pretty well. Periodically, I come across smoked salmon in the supermarket , discounted because it's near to its date. That's about the only time I can afford to buy it. I portion it out - some into small portions for mixing in to breakfast scrambled eggs, larger portions for sandwiches or meals. Then I freeze.

      2. When it comes to food safety for myself, I live life on the edge. As Harters said, if it looks OK, smells OK, and tastes OK, then that's my green light. I tend to ignore expiration dates, and rely more on smell and look, followed by taste. I once ate a yogurt that was 6 months passed expiration date. It was fine, and I was fine.


        1. You should check out the website

          it has guidelines for the shelf life of most foods. They recommend one week in the fridge after you open it.

          1. Three days for smoked salmon is ridiculous! Fresh salmon, sure, but smoking is a preservation method. I have a package of smoked salmon in my refrigerator that I opened at least a month ago, and it's still fine. If yours smells fine, isn't slimy, looks good and tastes the way it's supposed to taste, it would be a waste to throw it out just because the package says to keep it only three days. No doubt their lawyers made them say that.