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Jan 18, 2012 08:45 AM

Austin Food & Wine Festival

The schedule/lineup has been announced: http://www.austinfoodandwinefestival....

Worth the $250 ticket price? What demos/seminars most interest you? I always enjoyed the Hill Country Food & Wine festival, but this is certainly much different. It's good to see a good number of locals in the "talent" pool, on both the food and beverage side.

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  1. As much as I'd love to spend my birthday eating awesome food and watching demos from some famous folks, I'd rather save my money and just blow half of that enjoying a tasting menu at a fancy restaurant. $250 seems crazy high, but might be worth it if you go all three days.

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    1. re: verily

      I would LOVE to come in for that event, but $250.....

      1. re: verily

        And for $250 it's only two days. The only event on Friday is a VIP event, and VIP tickets are $850!

        But, I've definitely spent $250 in food and beverages over the course of a weekend in the past, so maybe I can rationalize it if I don't eat or drink anywhere else during those two days?

      2. They, the organizers, want to make it a national event, and, apparently, an elitist one too.

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        1. it doesn't appear that you can see more than 6 demos, and of those 6 they may not all be your top 6 "must see's" (ans then there may availability/seating limitations as well). $250? Nah. $850? Maybe ;-)


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            Seeing that this is now a C3 run event, I'd say that crowds and seating will definitely be a major concern. I'm not sure I want to spend $250 just for the chance to find out.

            I'll miss some of the single ticket events they did in previous years.

          2. Are there tickets available only to the sunday fair... given that they are still having it... or do you have to buy tickets for the whole thing?

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            1. re: ChristineR

              As of now, you have to buy a ticket to the whole weekend.

            2. Deleted- sorry, had wrong festival in mind.