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Cheesecake in and around Cambridge

OK, everyone,, I'm looking for consensus on this: 3 locations where a superb cheesecake can be found. I do not feel happy with a gloppy syrup on top, either, just the straight goods. I make a very fine
cheesecake, so I would be comparing mine to any others that can be recommended.
PLEASE, YOUR OPINIONS!! I will sample and get back to you.
And a MILLION thanks


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  1. Give it up. My experience is that it is hard to find cheesecake anywhere that can beat a good homemade one.

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      Strongly seconded. Not to mention that consensus on CH is pretty rare, and - a chacun son gout and all - not really to be expected.

      1. re: Allstonian

        Good points.
        There may be a consensus right here.


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          third this. I recall liking Alden Merrell two or three decades ago when they were in Coolidge Corner and was surprised to see they still have a Newburyport location. Sweetfern, with this and the Reuben thread, are you on the "maxing the cholesterol" diet?

          1. re: gourmaniac

            Dietary cholesterol has a pretty minimal impact on serum LDL

      2. cheesecake isn't really a boston "thing." for example, some of the steakhouses get theirs either form s & s or junior's in new york. and it's not something you see, even gussied up, on too many dessert menus around town.

        good luck.

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          Unfortunately and sadly, the best bet might be to order one from NY on line or, as others have mentioned, make your own. I have had a few people recommend this place to me but I cannot speak for it myself. http://7ate9bakery.com/

          1. re: Gordough

            7ate9 cheesecakes can be found in miniature sizes at the new Cambridge Winter Farmers Market, which takes place on Saturday mornings. It's about a ten minute walk from Central Square. Not only are they deemed excellent cheesecakes by my cheesecake eating family, but the company offers free delivery on their large size cheesecakes so no need to get in the car. They offer a variety of flavors including pumpkin, and the small sizes are just $2.50 for regular and $2.75 for the flavored varieties. They come in a lovely box. They also have a frequent buyers card so if you buy 5 you get the sixth one free. I've been really impressed and look forward to getting my freebie this weekend.

        2. Lyndel's has a location near central square. Something worth checkin out. I recently had a piece of new York cheesecake at Mike's in the north end, and it was awesome.

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            I like the ricotta cake at Modern Pastry but it's not the same as American-style cheesecake. I used to live near Junior's in Brooklyn, so I've had theirs. It's true you would have a hard time duplicating their particular thing at home, but I don't really want to, either. The basic problem is that cheesecake is basically not hard to make, but to make a good one you have to spend a few $ on quality ingredients, and most places skimp or buy in.

          2. I order mine online from Carnegie Deli. So dense and delicious. Never had better, and I make a great on myself.

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              Carnegie Deli is my fav too. They sell them at their take out sandwich place at Foxwoods. I usually get a few slices(which are huge) and freeze them. They sell whole ones too. I was told that Barry's Deli in Newton gets them from the Carnegie and sells them frozen.

            2. The ricotta cheese cake at Gran Gusto....

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                Haven't had in awhile, but that ricotta pie at Gran Gusto is fantastic!

              2. Market Baskets that have in-store bakeries such as Burlington and Woburn carry Alden Merrel cheesecakes. They used to be great. Don't have recent experience with them though.


                1. Mustard Cup on Mass Ave. Oops, that was forty years ago.

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                  1. re: chuck s

                    True, but that doesn't mean I don't still miss it - and Dave, of the eponymous cheesecake.

                  2. OK, I'm bracing for the flames, but how about The Cheesecake Factory? You can't drag me there to eat the food, but I've had the cheesecake (takeout) before, and it was actually pretty good (for around here anyway).

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                      Wow, you guys have really run with this! Hey, besides the Reuben board and this cheesecake board, I also tried to find decent BBQ. That was kind of a bust, have to say, on a local listserv.

                      Now, cheesecake.... I have recipes for 2 which are really pretty good. My interest is in finding one around here which is DYN-O-MITE.

                      Zwieback crumbs are requirements for the crust. Nabisco doesn't make it any more!
                      So I found a recipe for Zwieback and it is now rising in a bowl in my kitchen.

                      Maxing cholesterol? What with this and Reubens? A confession....for 2 Reubens I ate only
                      a piece. AND, I can't see cheesecake as a dessert after a meal, much too much food. I think of it
                      as a stand alone, or something I bring as an offering to a fancy dinner to satisfy friends
                      who chow down in a big way for special events.


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                        Cheesecake Factory was my first thought too... I didn't bother to post it. :)
                        But! I have seen zwieback at Whole Foods. So that might save you some time when making your own.

                      2. re: winedude

                        CF is basically what Junior's cheesecake would be like if Junior's forgot how to make cheesecake.

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                          I have made the Zwieback, it's now drying out, I have to say that it makes delicious bread.
                          Now I have to find a really big event to make the cheesecake for.
                          While I'm here.... Cook's Illustrated "tested" cream cheeses and came up with Philadelphia
                          as the best tasting. I'm willing to go with that, unless someone here can suggest
                          a cream cheese made locally that they think is excellent.


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                            Cabot, which is more regional than strictly local, makes a perfectly fine cream cheese.

                        2. all star sandwich bar. inman

                          (not sure if they have it all the time though)