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Jan 18, 2012 08:01 AM

SF Restaurant Reviews from last week

I was in SF for a few days last week and here is my dining report.

RN74 - Wonderful!!!! 7PM on Friday night and the vibe was hip, crowded and beautiful decor. We had a 7 course wine paired dinner that was on the mark with everything. Food was wonderful as were the wines and the service.

Michael Mina - Dissapointed. I have heard this was top notch and for a Mina restaurant, RN74 was so much better. The service here was amazing, but I felt the food was quite heavy and way too salty. The wines that were paired with our courses were on the sweet side and a course was paired with beer. The plates were pretty, but the food was sub par.

Hiji Sushi. - Really good find since it is very low key and we sat at the sushi bar. The live scallop and the Kobe beef roll were great as were the blue crab hand rolls.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I've been a fan of RN74 for years; however, the food seems to be less and less French--and I can't find any relationship to Burgundy at all. Several years ago, RN74 featured wonderful truffled eggs, coq au vin, boeuf bourguignon and other traditional recipes from Burgandy. I've found it increasingly disappointing.

      Woops--typo: Burgundy