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Jan 18, 2012 07:43 AM

Anyone been to the Hamilton yet?

I made reservations for next month and I'm curious if anyone has been yet and what the reaction is.


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  1. I went on Saturday. It was OK - the space is beautiful and HUGE. It's just like Clydes, pretty much. I wasn't impressed with my burger, and the service was not great. The dessert was great - chocolate hazlenut devil's food cake.

    My friend and I agreed that it would probably be great for brunch, but wouldn't make it a destination for a meal unless we had a large group or something.

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    1. re: Jeserf

      Well, that would be because it is owned by Clydes...

    2. Has anyone been for brunch yet? Any recs?

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        Hey Elyssa, I would second Jeserf's remarks. We had brunch there about a month ago. Huge menu, huge space (it filed up an old Borders Books!), very variable service, and decent food. Basically what you'd expect at a Clyde's outpost. I tried a few things -- burrata w/ anchovies, smoked salmon on crostini, a savory scone. None was quite as good as I hoped for, but they were all decent. Mr's W's omelet was ok, and her sticky bun was HUGE.

        I have actually heard that the sushi is surprisingly good!

        1. re: Bob W

          We went here with some friends and their son yesterday for brunch. First off---they did well with the 2 year-old. Let us get his order in right away, had a highchair etc.

          2nd---This place is ENORMOUS!! I was shocked that it filled up for the most part though. Seriously-----very large restaurant.

          As for the food---it was good. I think the place is very Clydes-esque. Although I liked the brunch a little more here. I got the smoked salmon plate. A really nice, light brunch. My boyfriend got the challah french toast with cherries. This was a great version of challah french toast. The cherry compote was so yummy that syrup wasn't even necessary.

          Our friends got a burger (with a fried egg on top) and the grilled cheese. Both looked good. I think they liked it.

          I certainly will be back to this place. It's good for groups, lunches, late night dinners etc. It certainly serve a purpose in the city---although I'm a little curious to see if people will really travel to the middle of downtown at 2am for a bite to eat.

          1. re: Elyssa

            Thanks for the tip on the french toast! Cherry compote sounds great.

            I would like to see what the place looks like at, say, 2 AM on a Wednesday. 2AM on the weekend I can see them doing pretty well. Now, 4 AM might be tough. 8<D

            But I bet they will do great with tourists as the weather warms up and the Old Ebbitt gets mobbed as usual -- they can now just send people around the corner.

            1. re: Elyssa

              I don't think people will come to Hamilton as a destination at 2am. But I'm pretty sure there are A LOT of people who are already in DC at 2am who are all nightclubbed out and looking for something to eat that isn't 7-11 or fast food. Even if the food isn't "inspired," it beats the hell out of the alternatives (e.g., McDonalds or nothing).

              1. re: monkeyrotica

                I think it could be a destination for bacon chocolate chip pancakes if they're actually good!

                1. re: monkeyrotica

                  I was more thinking of the places that most people will be out drinking/partying etc and that they are not all that close to the Hamilton for the most part. Although there are a number of hotels in that area so that could help.

          2. I went to the soft opening and it was enjoyable. The place is ridiculously huge. I wasn't sure if I was going to find my way back from the restroom... That said, the food is good but not spectacular. I'd eat there again if I was nearby, but it wouldn't be a destination. I had the charcuterie platter which was delicious and the croque madame (monsieur?) and it was tasty but I couldn't eat more than a few bites because it was so rich. DH had a kale salad. He liked it but I found it bland. Prices are mid-range and worth it for what it is.