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Jan 18, 2012 06:19 AM

Public house - Venetian?

Has anyone been here yet? Opinions?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Just returned from Vegas and ate at the Public House during lunch over the weekend. They had a promotion from Groupon and it was a great lunch.

      We quite liked the ambience of the restaurant and it was a very classy place. I would imagine the bar area would be pretty jumping during a weekend night as they carry a significant number of beers from around the world and its perfect for beer drinkers.

      We started our meal with crispy oysters with foie gras and it was delicious. The oysters (3) were on the smaller side, but it was a great one bite starter as the melted foie gras was pretty delicious underneath the oysters. We also had an order of pork rinds and they were great to snack on.

      For our mains, we had the burger and the braised short ribs. The burger was cooked perfectly to my medium rare request and it was very juicy and had good beef flavour. The thin cut shoestring herb fries were good too. I'm from Toronto, and it ranks up there with some of the better burgers I've had here.

      My gf had the short ribs and it was a big Wow for her. It was perfectly cooked and literally melt in your mouth good. It was accompanied by two fantastic onion rings on top of a bed of butternut squash puree. The short rib had great flavour and the jus it was served with made it the best short ribs dish my gf and I have ever had.

      The service was very friendly and the waitress was very knowledgeble. We weren't sure whether it was mashed potatoes that came with the short ribs, but our waitress informed us that it was butternut squash puree. You'll be surprised to know how many waiters/waitresses don't fully know the menu, so bonus points for her from knowing her stuff.

      With the Groupon coupon ($25 for $50) and one beer and a generous tip totally $40. So including the $25 we spend buying the coupon, it was easily one of the better lunches we had for $65. It's a great place for a relaxed lunch with reasonable prices.

      It's a place I would recommend for a pint and a burger without hesitations. They have a few other items that I would be interested in trying including the poutine, friend quails and waffle and etc.

      1. Fried Quail is awesome.