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Jan 18, 2012 05:41 AM

Anyone check out NUVU?

Got an invite this AM for a get-together tonite with friends at NUVU on Ste. Catherine and Panet. Have no idea what to expect but checked out their website which looks interesting to say the least. Anyone had a chance to check it out?

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  1. OK, did the NUVU thing last night. Pleasantly surprised on the food and service side, and gotta love the atmosphere and ambience of the place as well. In the middle of the Gay Village on Ste. Catherine East and even on a Wednesday nite, the place was reasonably busy.

    Dinner specials were innovative as well - for a $20 alcoholic beverage charge per person, you get a choice of some pretty cool entrées, all at some pretty rock-bottom prices. My SO had a Salmon Filler with curried spinach and roasted fingerling potatoes for $6 and I had a duo of salmon and beef tartare for the same price. Both dishes were very good, flavorful and subtle. Service was quite acceptable, with an acceptable wine list, reasonably priced as well. Total bill was $100, all in!

    This special on Tuesday and Wednesdays only and I was told that reservations would be a good thing. Chef Bernard on duty last night and Chef Mike does the lunch crowd.

    We will return!

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    1. re: JohnnyGe

      Sorry, could you clarify the $20 alcoholic beverage charge? Is it just that if you order $20 worth of alcohol then your main meal is only $6?

      1. re: unlaced

        I've just checked their website and on Tues and Wed. plates start at $1 when you spend a minimum of $20 on alcohol.

        1. re: unlaced

          Yup, the deal is $20 of alcohol PER PERSON to get a range of entrées that range from $1 for a caasar salad to $6 for Bavette de Boeuf or Fillet of Salman or Duo of Tartares.....

          A deal if there ever is one!