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Jan 18, 2012 03:06 AM

Demeyere Apollo - most useful conical saute and saucepan sizes?

Hi there,

First time poster but I have been an intermittent reader and lately a full time lurker.

I am finally going to replace some of our assorted old cookware with new cookware. I've done alot of research and am planning on going with the Demeyere Apollo line and either a Le Creuset or Staub grill pan.

My wife (quite reasonably) wants to limit me to the grill pan, a non-stick fry pan and an uncoated fry pan. For sauces and heating liquids she is fine that I select two saucepans.

I'm pretty much sorted for the fry pans which will both be 28 cm.

I'd be grateful to get some feedack on size for the saucepans. At the moment I am planning on a 16 cm saucepan (1.5 l), and a 22 cm conical saute pan (2.5 l). We have 2 daughters who will leave the nest over the next 5 years or so and we cook for company say twice a month. Quite rare that we are ever more than 6 at the table. We have other larger vessels for boiling water for pasta etc. but my main issue is trying to settle on a reasonable set of sizes for the two saucepans she's allowing me. I know it depends on what we cook - but just in general what would people suggest is a reasonable set of sizes to buy with these two pieces to have me making most use of them.

I did check out the Cooks Illustrated advice from some years ago which suggests 3 quart (roughly 3 l) sizes for seemingly everything...but that just seems too big for the amount of sauces etc. we make and with the conical saute pan coming in at 2.5 l I feel we are OK at the higher volume of the two pans and the other should be sufficiently smaller to be...well, smaller :~)

Thanks for any and all suggestions,

Dave M

PS: BTW I did try and get her to go for a 3 quart straight sided saute pan but so far she's not budging.

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  1. The two saucepans that I use the most are 1.9 qt and 3.7 qt -- both of them standard straight-sided, single-handled saucepans (Mauviel M'Cook). Anything larger than that, I think it's better to switch to pots with two loop handles.

    Oh yeah, as for the grill pan, I would recommend plain cast iron (Lodge) rather than enameled cast iron (LC or Staub). Plain cast iron can take higher heat, won't crack or discolor, will become relatively nonstick with continued use, and is easier to clean. (Much cheaper, too. So you can allocate more of your budget to other pieces.)

    1. Hi, Dave:

      Given your parameters, I think you've already zeroed in pretty well. If you're regularly cooking for six, you might want to scale both saucepans' capacities up a notch, provided your use isn't limited to saucemaking. If it *is* so limited and you do reduced sauces, you might consider going with these and filling the size gaps at a later date.


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      1. re: kaleokahu

        Thanks very much for the feedback.

        Kaleo re your suggestion of potentially going up a notch I've actually thought about it some more and think I will do just that. The 24 cm conical saute pan has a volume of 3.3 l and I am thinking I could use it to replace the straight sided saute pan that my wife wont let me get for the moment. A little higher sides, but a smaller base and 7-ply conductive heating surfaces up the side should be good for sauteing vegetables etc.

        Similarly bumping the smaller saucepan up to an 18 gives me something like 2.2 l volume and I can see that being big enough for our rice cooks as well as just giving me an overall increase in versatility from the smaller pan.

        Part of my strategy in going with the pans I am choosing is to pick things where the differences in stepping up to a higher quality piece of cookware will be evident, and thereby win my wife over into buying more. I think the two Demeyere fry pans will accomplish that, as will the conical saute pan. The smaller sauce pan will be the one of the 4 Demeyere pieces that may seem a little ho hum.

        I got entranced looking at the Demeyere woks for a while today. We do have a no name thin guage aluminum wok with a non-stick coating that we use quite a bit. I may see if I can sneak one of those into the order...the 32 cm model looks great and would I am sure be a major step up from what we are using at the moment.

        Thanks again for your comments, all very helpful.

        Dave M