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Salumi in Italy

Hi my wife and I are going to Italy this summer and we both enjoy Salumi a whole lot. We are already planning a wine tour or two, and it got me thinking, are there similar Salumi tours or places where it its produced that you can visit? I love to go to such a place and see how they make it, see the pigs and have a tasting. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. I did some googling and I couldn't find anything.

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  1. There's this:
    But it doesn't say anything about seeing the pigs and may require booking by a group rather than individuals.

      1. Where are you going in Italy? It is a very large country, with pigs (almost) everywhere. How do you feel about wild pigs?

        1. This site is in Italian, but very useful--search by region for listings of producers of salumi (and/or formaggi, etc), some of which are also agriturismi. Contacts and websites are listed, and those that are agriturisimi as opposed to strictly commercial producers should be open to showing you round.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions. Appreciated!

              1. traditional pig slaughter season is in the winter, but since there is such a tremendous demand for salumi and cured meats, you can visit places that produce and age pork products year-round, tho these are mainly in the north of italy. where are you going to be traveling? what kind of salumi in particular are you looking for and wil you be traveling with a car? if you tell me a bit more about yoru trip perhaps i can better direct you.


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                  Hi Katie, we plan to be in the Tuscany region. We are going to spend two days in Florence and then renting a car for about 4 days traveling around that area. As far as what kind, we pretty much like it all, cured, uncured, its all great. A good tour and explanation of how they do it, plus a tasting would be great especially because I want to start making my own for my family.

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                    ok in that case i think you should reach out to Stella Soldani (http://www.stellasoldani.com/) or Linda Sorgiovanni (http://www.lindasorgiovanni.com/). Stella conducts culinary and other tours of Siena and the Val d'Orica while Linda is based in Florence and is more focused specifically on food.

                    You can contact Stella via email here: info@sienatourguide.it

                    and linda here: linda@personalizeitaly.com. I'm sure one or both could craft a customized salumi-centric tour for you.


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