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Jan 18, 2012 01:27 AM

Vietnamese Coffee in Paris


I would like to know if there are any recommendations for good places to have Vietnamese coffee in Paris, preferably around the Olympiades metro station, but other recommendations are welcome as well.

Thank you,


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  1. I had to look it up, and I still don't undestand what it is. Is it about iced coffee or just the Vietnamese way to make coffee?

    In any case, I would ask directly some of the usual suspects for vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown -- eg Pho 14, Pho Mui, Le Bambou, Indochine, Lê Lai (on the dalle des Olympiades), even Lao Lane Xang. They should know. Unless someone here knows more.

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      Café Sua Da ? I have not noticed it anywhere, certainly not Pho 14, but also I did not seek it.
      At Pho 14 I drink Canal St Martin water, LOL, DH's nickname for the murky drink Qing Bu Liang.
      Café Sua Da smells great probably because it uses condensed sweet milk. A good one uses strong coffee that balances the sweet milk nicely. It is not hard to make, just hard to find a restaurant that makes it. If you have a kitchen and the craving, it is best to make it yourself.

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        According to my go-to colleague for all things vietnamiennes, Souphie's suggestion of Lê Lai on the rue Javelot pedestrian level of the Olympiades complex is your best bet. It's a very confusing patch of real estate... traffic underneath, pedestrians/ shops on a sort of esplanade level, and very labyrinthal... so lots of luck in finding it. If you want to buy your own coffee and the gear to make it, there's a Vietnamese supermarket, also on the rue Javelot. You can occasionally find Vietnamese coffee brands at Thanh Binh Jeune épicerie on the the place Maubert in the 5th. They might also know what nearby restaurants serve it. It's not really something that appeals to French taste buds so I suspect it's not easy to find.

        I'm told that you can only make café vietnamien with, well, imported vietnamese coffee. :)

        1. re: Parnassien

          Thank you all for the suggestions!

          I know that this is rather unrelated, but, before I start a new thread, would one of you know where I might find good, inexpensive (I'm not sure what price to expect since I am new to Paris) che (the Vietnamese dessert stuff) in the same area (Olympiades metro)? I have seen it at some stores such as Paris, Big, and Tang Freres, but I thought I would ask.

          Thank you,