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Jan 17, 2012 09:33 PM

Cole Valley -- anything worth eating?

Is there anything worth eating in Cole Valley? I like the almond croissants at the Boulange and the burgers at Kezar (Cole and Carl) but haven't been to Eos in at least a decade, don't like the looks of that Bambino place and am not excited by these crepe chains. I guess there's an old fashioned ice cream place opening soon. Anything I'm overlooking? How's that no name sushi spot or the other one next to Bambino?

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  1. Zazie is good.

    I'm not sure if they still do this, but sfweekly reported in 2010 that the cooks at Reverie were from the Yucatan, and did a weekly pozole. I'll try to hunt that down in the next few weeks if no one else chimes in.

    Yes, it's in the Haight, but Alemic is just a few blocks away. Citrus Club across the street isn't spectacular, but they serve a really good seaweed salad with tofu.

    According to Tablehopper, Ice Cream Bar is slated to open on Saturday the 21st. It's been in progress for forever.

    1. Second Zazie, good for both brunch (expect a wait on weekends) and dinner.

      The no name sushi spot (Hama-Ko) is great, don't go in expecting a quick meal, things kind of just go at their own pace in there.

      1. Hama-ko is good, but not the best. worth a try, if you can deal with the sometimes slow, sometimes weird service. i think it is overrated by its cult following -- which it definitely has.

        kamekyo: I love the chirashi at kamekyo -- i often get that to go. their tempura is not great.

        boulange: i love the ham and cheese croissants from boulange, as a relatively light breakfast. their fruit tarts and fresh orange juice are good. sticky buns are also good.

        Bambino's is just terrible -- it is like an italian restaurant you would expect to find in some suburb that had awful italian food. i don't understand that place, and how it draws crowds.

        Zazie's for dinner is okay/good. hit or miss i'd say. seafood stew was bad. pork chop was decent. burger is decent. beef stew was good. desserts are pretty good, but a little sweet. i can't comment on brunch, as i generally hate brunch-type food.

        revelrie has great casual food. i like their egg bagel sandwiches and their huevos rancheros.

        say cheese has good sandwiches to go. it is also a really great cheese store / gourmet deli. we enjoyed their foie gras terrine thing. nice little anchovies / fish things, and various cured vegetables.

        i like the ice cream at tully's.

        eos: i don't like the type of food eos serves (fusiony), but the place has its fans. their desserts, including their ice cream, were excellent. i'd return for just that.

        i don't think i'd go out of my way to have anything in cole valley. but it is a lovely neighborhood, and i'm there a lot as my girlfriend has an apartment there.

        1. Burgermeister is worth eating at.

          1. For dessert or a pre-dinner drink (non-alcoholic, at the moment), I highly recommend Ice Cream bar. I just started a new thread: