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Jan 17, 2012 06:51 PM

Spice Storage Chest

Has any one tried these?

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  1. No ... however, while cleaning out magazines, I came across an old issue of Real Simple recommending light-proof little flattish metal watchmaker's cases for spices. They come in a metal box, but my thought was that I could store them in the cabinet where my spices live now, and install a magnetic knife strip next to my stove for while I'm cooking, and keep the half dozen or so current ones handy there until I finish the dish.

    Oh dear ... am I giving away the genius idea that could've made me millions?? ;)

    This same article said something about not using more than 3 herbs/spices in a dish ... whaaaaaa?!

    1. What I have done is purchase a whole batch of small anchor hocking square very small containers. Not sure if they are still being sold, but they hold the contents of a standard spice container. There is a plastic seal on the rim of them. The fit within a standard drawer. I mark the top of the container with what it is. After using some, it is set aside and the whole container is put into a vacuum sealer jar afterwards and sealed. It seems to work as well as everything fits in a couple of standard drawers.

      1. I have not tried that one but I do have this: . I don't worry about the swivel aspect of it - I just slide out the sides to find what I want. It is very space efficient if you don't worry about the swivel aspect.

        1. Yes, I have a SpiceStack, and I really like it. I tried keeping spices in a drawer, but they didn't fit well. I tried one of those little stairstep racks in the cupboard, but could seldom find the spice bottle I was looking for. The SpiceStack is great - it's actually easy to find the spice I'm looking for and easy to replace it.
          I also have a Swivel Store in my baking cupboard. It works fine, too, but you need to leave 4 inches of cupboard space on either side of it for the swinging action. I really prefer the SpiceStack.

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            I've had one for over three years and absolutely love it. Mine is the large one. It's so easy to keep both half size and full size jars arranged and organized. It's surprisingly sturdy although I wouldn't pull out more than one drawer at a time to keep it from tipping. It fits inside a standard kitchen cabinet very well too. Nice that it's made in the USA.