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Jan 17, 2012 06:44 PM

Pork alert

Just thought to mention that Superstore in Peterborough (ugh - I hate that place but somehow ended up there) has whole pork shoulders on sale for 99 cents a lb. I picked up a 20 pounder for $20 - it's gone into the freezer for some future feast. I had to stop myself from buying two of them because I rarely come across such big ones at such a great price.

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  1. I bought one and cut it in two with a knife and a hacksaw; froze half of it.
    The other half was a delicious pulled pork, barely fitting in my tagine. The yield for half a shoulder was 5 lb pulled meat, and some gelled broth.
    I think all the chains will sell pork shoulders and hams for less than $1/lb in January and February. They all did it last year.

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      Check out David Chang's Bo Ssam recipe for pork shoulder in last Sunday's NYT--so easy to do, thanks to easy access to Korean ingredients in the GTA. Problem is, my house is full of Korean food haters 8^(

      1. re: Kagemusha

        I have it printed out. It's definitely on the list. But I think this 20 lb. shoulder is fated to be pulled pork for some big party or other.

    2. This deal is phenomenal considering wholesale pork this week for manufactures is still around 1.60 a lb...

      1. Food Basics had approximately 10lb shoulders on sale at 88c/lb last week. Went in this morning and they have received the discount stickers (my local food basics had at least 40 of them). Got two 10lbers for $4.50 or so each. Utterly ridiculous. My wife was already complaining that I had too many homemade sausages and cuts of meat for smoking in the freezer, but I couldn't turn it down at less than 50c/lb!

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            Well that beats my deal even! Enjoy!

            1. re: elrik

              I swear Food Basics is the last stop on the Legends of Pork tour. My local one doesn't sell Easter Hams before Easter, but about two weeks later they always have nice big bone-in hams for $1/lb.