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Jan 17, 2012 06:41 PM

Where to buy oak chunks?

Tired of pecan/hickory (from HEB). BBQ Galore (Sunset Valley) only carries oak chips, no chunks. Don't want to buy firewood from roadside dealer because there so many kinds of oak out there. City boy with tender hands and fancy manicure does not have saws to cut down larger [split] logs anyway ;-)


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  1. I buy oak chunks from BBQ Outfitters on 620, just south of 2222. Might want to call first, as I haven't bought any in over a year (last batch was huge, plus I've been going through some pecan, plus a friend loaded me up with even more cured oak). I'd avoid the roadside dealers... in my experience, their stuff isn't always as cured as they claim.

      1. re: ericthered

        They also have 20 lbs bags for like $6.

        1. re: achtungpv

          20lbs is more my style since I rely on the Soeleather Express and bus (which rules out 2222 and 620). I didn't even think about Academy (Doh!). I''ll stop at WIlliam Cannon today. They also sell/sold small jars of curing salt cheap (Bolner's Fiesta Brand), so I'll kill two birds with one stone, brine cure them, and them smoke them. Hopefully it's not a "seasonal" item.

          1. re: sqwertz

            Being a Texas business, and therefore not so deluded as to think (as some out-of-state concerns do) that barbecuing and the like are "seasonal" endeavors, I certainly hope Academy knows well enough to keep 'em in stock all the year 'round.

            1. re: ret3

              Academy is quite seasonally oriented in the rest of their store, but I shall find out RSN...