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Jan 17, 2012 04:45 PM

Charlotte - downtown or near Ovens for Tapas type fare?

We're going to a show and it's that dilemma of do we try and rush through a dinner at 5:30pm or wait til after a show and have something at 9pm. I think we've decided to have at least some light apps, tapas before the show (at Ovens). We're staying downtown so either somewhere downtown or on the way or near Ovens would work.

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  1. Soul Gastrilounge is fairly close to Ovens (and between Ovens and downtown) and serves some very good tapas/small plates.

    Downtown there is Dandelion Market.

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      Soul would be a good choice in the closer-to-Ovens area. I recently had a good time with the small plates list at the Wooden Vine uptown.

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        +3 for Soul Gastrolounge. It's got a good vibe and good tapas too. Another option is Lulu on Central Ave, not too far from Soul. They just debuted a new menu that looks promising. I haven't been since the new chef but I'm hopeful.

        Other small plates option are Fern - I've only been once, but the goats milk ricotta cannelloni w/ pureed butternut squash and spiced nuts was good. It was 2 cannelloni and was a nice small portion. They have small plates, entrees and sandwiches. It's kind of small and a little pricey for what you get but solid food.

        Bistro La Bon is another option too. Creative menu and same general area as Soul, Lulu & Fern. Although, I think Soul would be your best bet.

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          I second Soul Gastrilounge with a strong recommendation for their pork belly tacos...get one order per is it good!

        2. Dandelion Market in Uptown could also be an option. Their menu is more limited than Soul, but they have some delicious cocktails.

            This used to be an Italian restaurant, it just changed to Spanish.
            Coco Osteria, now called Malabar.

            Coco Osteria
            214 N Tryon St Ste 2, Charlotte, NC 28202