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Jan 17, 2012 03:58 PM

Any good (non-chain) restaurants in or near lower bucks county

I am looking for good non-chain restaurants in the lower bucks county area ( Langhorne/Bensalem area) BYOBs a plus!

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  1. Blue Sage in Southhampton is BYO and one of the best Vegetarian restaurants in the greater Philadelphia area. Reservations highly recommended.

    Tavolo in Huntingdon Valley is a very good italian byo.

    Another good restaurant in that same general area is Arugala

    In Bensalem there are several good indian restaurants, including a very good South Indian restaurant if that interests you.

    In willow grove Ooka does some very good japanese tepanake and sushi and that particular Ooka location is byo.

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      Please give names of Indian restaurants. I know Saffron just opedned near Tavolo, but I found the one in Ambler a bit bland. If there are some Indian restaurants nearby that don't dumb down the heat, I am all ears.

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        Indian Garden in Yardley (Stony Hill Rd) is good. Bombay Cafe in Bristol is very good (fresh).

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        I completely agree about Blue Sage. What are the Indian restaurants? We were sorry to see Aroma close, but are always willing to drive for a new Indian experience, although my husband isn't keen on strictly vegetarian options.

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          Blue Sage sounds awesome. Can't wait to try it.

        2. Hoping these suggestions are not too far north for you...

          In Langhorne I recommend Mi-Rim on Woodbourne Rd (near Lincoln HIghway). It's a Korean restaurant and sushi bar, BYOB, pleasant atmosphere. They have grills on some of the tables to BBQ. They have some Japanese selections on the menu also, but I have not tried them, since I always stick with the Korean menu and it's always delicious. I recommend one of the dishes that come on a hot stone bowl (like bibim bap) or hwe dup bab which is sort of like a sushi salad. They also have "casserole" dishes which cook in a propane burner at your table.

          In Yardley, Charcoal BYOB (formerly Charcoal Steaks N Things) is really good -- interesting New American food, young creative chefs. Not every dish is a perfect success (sometimes they seem a little TOO experimental) but the prices are fairly reasonable and overall I've been very happy with my meals there. Everything is well prepared and the service is very good. Worth trying.

          Also in Yardley is Indian Garden. I think the food is excellent. BYO, nice atmosphere, good service and very reasonable prices.

          1. I second Mi-rim--just was there this week for lunch. Also like Mirch Masala in Bensalem. Heard there's a Pho place that just opened up there (Pho Bensalem, I think) Anyone been??

            1. Oishi in Newtown is very good.

              1. Ate in a great little hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese restaurant called Pho Bensalem in Bensalem on Street Road. Tried it despite poor reviews on Yelp (We really needed to eat after hours at Franklin Mills Mall-----yes, there still are a couple of great stores there) I'm really glad we went---great pho, friendly service. Also had a Vietnamese crepe and a grilled beef dish. The owner brought out a bowl of hot water and rice paper so we could make our own wraps with the beef. I thought the quality of the food compared well to pho and Beyond in Willow Grove, plus it's closer to my house. Noticed they had Banh Mi on the menu, which I'm definitely getting next time. Sadly, Mirch Masala in the same mall is gone.