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Jan 17, 2012 03:45 PM

ISO: Licorice Sold Years Ago

OK, I can't even remember the name of this licorice, but it was better than anything I've tried these days. My family used to get it on a regular basis when I was growing up (that's the Boston area, a zillion yrs ago). I seem to think it was actually made in England, but I could be wrong. Was sold in little rectangular boxes & each rectangular piece was individually wrapped. Almost like a licorice caramel (soft toffee?), if you can understand what I mean - was hard at first, but became soft & chewy & very delicious.

I seem to think the company had other flavors, but the only one that I and my mom bought was the licorice one. Wanted to do a search to see if the company was still in business - but I can't do that without the name!

Hopefully I've triggered the memories of some other Chowhound oldsters like myself! :D

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  1. Anything like these Dutch licorice caramels from the Vermont Country Store?

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    1. re: Allstonian

      Oh, that sounds very similar!! Those are a bit out of my price range though. I decided to do yet another search but included 'caramel' in the search - which gave me the name of the original I was trying to find: Callard & Bowser, and yes, sad to say, they are out of business. :-( Man, they were SO good...

      That' cost is a bit expensive for us right now, but I'll keep my eye out for this one if I'm in a store like Ocean State Job Lot. I also just found a recipe online for "Licorice Caramels" (using my description): & one of the reviews states that they taste like Callard & Bowser!

      I could make it, but I don't trust my willpower right now (couple of months before my daughter's wedding) so I think I'll wait to make it myself - but I'll keep my eye out for this brand to see if I can find it cheaper.

      1. re: threedogs

        There is a discussion of called bowser closing with an alternate licorice toffee mentioned as just as food online somewhere. I now remembering black and silver striped paper on the bias.

        1. re: threedogs

          I remember those! My father used to by them.

          1. re: pemma

            Yeah, my son had to go & mention licorice. Now I'm thinking of trying to make a batch. Craving these & it would be so much cheaper to make a batch of my own, esp. when I never find myself over at Ocean State or similar bargain spots like that (these days). Very tempting...

            When I'm covering up my body on the beach in March (daughter's wedding!) I'll only have myself to blame, hahaha...

      2. I know what you mean. Silver box a bit like cigarettes? Cahill as a name comes to mind and I have seen them. If it's not Cahill I will remember soon. I think they are English.

        Better -- callard and bowser

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        1. re: cmc2

          I think it was Callard & Bowser - saw some sites since I started this post that mentioned that they are now out of business. So sad - they were delicious.