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Jan 17, 2012 03:26 PM

Good smoked fish?

I'm just back from a family visit in Scotland, armed with several Scottish cookbooks. Now all I need is some good quality smoked fish, particularly haddock and big, fat, mackerels.

Anybody know of fish shops, preferably in the East Bay, where I can get fresh smoked fishies, or high-quality packaged ones? I know I can get smoked mackerel at places like BBowl, but the stuff from the plastic pouches is often rubbery and chewy - fresher stuff would be better.

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  1. i know this isn't exactly what you asked, but swan's has really great dry-smoked salmon. they have a smoked other white fish, but i've never tried it. i've had good smoked trout from bi-rite in the mission of sf, but that was a while ago.

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        Another vote for Creekside! I particularly like the smoked albacore.

        Has anyone tried the smoked butter?

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          El Granada is on the Peninsula not in the East Bay

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            "preferably in the East Bay" but not exclusively but thanks for the information.

        2. Hudson Fish sells at farmer's markets in Berkeley. The selection is limited to what they recently caught, very fresh.

          1. Mackerel's readily available and cheap, you might want to consider smoking your own.

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              Tokyo Fish has a brand of packaged smoked fish in the case that I'm not familiar with - I haven't yet tried it.

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                Thanks, all! I really do need haddock, which is not a local fish. If I cannot find some packaged, I may ask a friend with a smoker to help out!

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                  You might try Euromix, they have a lot of smoked fish. 4301 Piedmont, Oakland

                  1. re: Robert Lauriston

                    Success - Tokyo Fish had Ducktrap River smoked haddock! Note, they do not necessarily know that it's there, you have to push them to look, but they had several frozen sides.

                    I am intrigued by and will try Euromix soon! Thanks again for your help!

            2. La Bedaine has exceptional smoked fish. His cured trout and mackerel are both incredible.

              I like the gravlax at Berkeley Bowl, which is pretty inexpensive. It's behind the fresh fish counter on the sushi side.

              In San Francisco I'd head out to Russian markets like New World on Geary or maybe Europa Express. They have lots of smoked fish, some of which you can taste.

              Blue Smoke (Blue Ocean?) attends several farmer's markets including Alemany and Redwood City (both Saturdays) and has both hot and cold smoked fish at reasonable prices. It's been posted about before.

              BiRite has excellent smoked salmon and trout, but it's not cheap.