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Jan 17, 2012 03:14 PM

Looking for humanely raised Guanciale in LA Area. .

Hey guys good afternoon. I am looking for a source of humanely raised Guanciale that I can have shipped to me or go and pick up in the L.A./ (from Los Angeles all the way out to Oxnard area, I am in Agoura Hills/Thousand Oaks/Westlake Village area. . )

I have heard that alot of the meat that comes from Italy has to be humanely raised, I will have to do some more reading and research on this subject, however..

Does anyone know of a place? Please let me know I need to make some pasta carbonara!!! Come on!!!

-Take care, peace

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  1. I know that Lindy and Grundy sometime make guanciale. I don't know if they have a schedule about that sort of thing, and also I don't know how it compares to stuff made in Italy by people who have been making it forever, but their meat is top quality and humanely raised/slaughtered.
    Also, its probably expensive.

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      Hey man come on, you expect me to find anything out with just 2 names of people??? ahaaahaa, come on you have to give me more than that . . . can you tell me anything else about this company or where to find it?? please let me know, thank you :)

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          The name of the shop is Lindy & Grundy.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. You can get guanciale at Guidi Marcello in Santa Monica.

          I'm pretty sure Niman Ranch has guanciale too. And there somewhat conscientious about how its raised. Checked their website and didn't see it, but shoot then a post.

          ◦Raised outdoors or in deeply bedded pens
          ◦Never given hormones or antibiotics -ever!
          ◦Fed a 100% vegetarian diet

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            Hey I actually contacted Guidi Marcello and talked to Gessica and was actually disrespected greatly by them. I think I have sent them at least 3 emails.. The first one she responded to and said the meat didn't meet those standards, however what she probably didn't know was that meat from Italy is always humanely raised. Don't quote me on that, I am still doing my researching and learning, however I am almost positive meat from Italy is humanely raised . . .
            I tried contacting them again however they haven't responded, so not too sure where to go with this :(

            thanks man i will check out the rest of those, have heard of Niman Ranch of course however they supposedly are not owned by the guy who started the company originally and "supposedly" the company isn't being run how he wanted it, although again don't quote me on that one i'd have to go back and research some more on them, i could've swore that is what i read about them :)

            if anyone needs recommendations for where to get some great meat, check out, they have amazing amazing chicken raised humanely and organically, what's good about them is not only do the animals eat grass, but the chickens and pigs get organic grains as well, so you get the both of both worlds, since we don't have a definitive answer on whether grain-fed or grass-fed is best for us and the animals..
            also check out storm hill beef co-op from, for beef that is pastured and then finished on non-gmo corn, it's great for people who don't like the taste of grass-fed but enjoy the humane raising of the animals that usually accompanies grass-fed :)

            enjoy :)

          2. Folks, we've removed an off topic digression. If you have recommendations that fit certifiedhumane's criteria, you're welcome to offer them, but please refrain from debating whether or not that criteria is important to you. If that's the case, then please move on to another topic.

            1. Surfas and Whole Foods regularly carry gaunciale from La Quercia. It is very good. Standards here: . It meets my definition of happy pig.

              Whole Foods also carries Fra Mani pancetta, also quite good.

              I've never seen guanciale or pancetta from Niman Ranch. They do a good business with pork cheeks for braising so that uses up their supply.

              Lindy and Grundy cure it on occasion. If you haven't been it would be worth a trip. The ownders are charming and the standards are high. Plus they tend to have lots of odd cuts that are delish if you can cook like scrag/neck of lamb.

              Cured pork products cured in Italy sold for export are almost always from factory farmed Danish pigs. I would not assume that meat is the quality you want.

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                wow thanks for the laquercia recommendation. I live in a small town in AZ and can't find products like these. I want to make the Mozza chicken liver app and want the crispy gaunciale slice to top it off mmmmm

                1. re: starre

                  If you happen to be in Los Angeles, most of the suggestions will vacumn seal your purchase. I've flown with raw meat and cold bags many, many times and never been hassled by the TSA both as carry on and packed in my suitcase. (Used to buy a lot our meat in San Francisco but the options in LA are much better now.)

                  And that Mozza chicken liver toast is worth the effort.

                  1. re: JudiAU

                    hey just wanted to say thank you as well for the recommendation . .

                    ahaahaa judiAU that is great to know! i literally don't want to travel anywhere because i am so anal about my food . . . i NEED my humane meat, my humane dairy, my non-gmo organic soybean oil, my buffalo and cow milk butters!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH . . . . literally if i ever go anywhere i need to make sure there is a Whole Foods near-by where my plane will land and i will need my packages from all of the farms I buy from to arrive in a timely fashion, unless i was able to successfully carry the meat and such on the plane. . . . !!!
                    have to support the right things in life you know??

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                      I'm also going to order some of the proscuitto fat. I've never heard of this. Any ideas how best to use this. Plus they have lardo. I've heard of this but have never had the opp to try it. I have seen Bourdain wax poetically about it on his shows.
                      The delivery is about 30 bucks to AZ. so I figure I will try a few differant things. The more I order makes it a better deal on postage. Last trip to LA I brought back so many goodies from the farmers market we barely had room for the dogs and we have a CRV

                      1. re: JudiAU

                        I finally ordered from LaQuercia and my porky goodness will be here today. They were very helpful and have a great web site that shows the farmers they use and pictures of very happy pigs. Got my Mozza cookbook my guanciale now all I need are some chicken livers and I'm all set for chicken liver toast
                        Thanks again for this recommendation

                    2. re: JudiAU

                      hey just wanted to say thank you! i was able to get the la quercia from whole foods awhile back, stocked up, actually got about 5lbs!!!! most is in freezer now, no in fact most has been eaten already, i have a little left in fridge! have been on a bit of an amatriciana pasta kick complete with lard!
                      great recommendation thank you very much :) will check out lindy and grundy, unfortunately i'm not into the grass-fed meat and that seems to be what their shop is all about.. .
                      well have a good one then :)