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Jan 17, 2012 01:47 PM

Is Blue Star still as good as ever?

I've been reading the "Which range is best: Wolf, Viking, or DCS?" thread. It was begun several years ago. Now that it's 2012 (yikes! 2012?) are you still thrilled with your Blue Star ranges? I'm remodeling and need to get a range - too small a kitchen for cooktop + wall oven - and am looking at Wolf, Thermador, Capital and Blue Star so far, though I haven't seen a Blue Star in person, yet. According to many posts, Blue Star seems to be the best bet. But that was 4 years ago. Still?

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  1. We have no regrets in our purchase of the BS range. Is it as good as ever? Ours is and still no problems. As for the newer models I cannot say. I would guess that as the BS evolves, it will be refined. I cannot see where it will be outfitted with fancy electronics, timers and the like nor with a built in rotisserie. I think it will remain a basic, no frills range. I was actually surprised when they offered it in colors. So, yes, we are still thrilled with our purchase and don't care how much greener the grass is on the other side of the fence (if there actually is any greener grass).

    1. Yes. Ours is 6 years old and change (built in '05, installed in '06). I've replaced the oven thermostat (~2 years ago) and the spark modules and igniters (almost a year ago). I was surprised when the thermostat died, but the igniters had rusted and probably helped the module fail. I put in a different style of igniter, used by Viking, that isn't open at the top where water can get in and lead to rust. Seems good so far.

      Never had any door issues- I've always had the impression that these were only on the 30" ranges (we have a 36"). The Chowpup was a year old when we put the range in, and has made it thus far without any hot-front related injuries.

      I think it was the same price or a little more than an all-gas Wolf when we got it. Not sure about now. It was worth it for the simplicity (I installed and have done all the repairs). Also just love the burner design and the fact that the oven holds full-size sheet pans (for the couple times a year we bake that much at once).

      I'd definitely look at all the options- the Capital Culinarian is the range du jour. But now that there are starting to be a decent number of them installed, you see some complaints popping up.

      1. We just went through the same thing. After reading tons of reviews I knew I wanted a BlueStar. It seemed like it had the best reviews and I found a model at Costco for a very good price. However, after seeing BlueStar in person I knew right away that it wasn't for me. It looked too industrial and raw and really did not feel like something I'd like to see in my kitchen every day. I consider myself a good cook, but the idea of extra BTUs didn't appeal to me as I don't do high heat cooking much.

        After looking around and seriously considering Dacor and GE Monogram, I chose Wolf.

        1. I've had a Bluestar 36" 6 burner range since october 2010.
          It's a great piece of equipment and as close as you can get to a commercial range in your residential kitchen.
          The open burners distribute heat evenly and the range is easy to clean. Even in the event of a boil over. And I've had a few of those.
          While it's not inexpensive, it was the best investment I made for my new (2010) kitchen.
          It's also available in any of 190 colors for an upcharge of about $300.
          Here's a shot of mine.

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          1. re: willtv

            I am looking at a Blue Star for my commercial dye lab - I dye big pots of wool in boiling water. Sometimes the pots boil over. Another user warned that the pilot lights are finicky and might work well with that situation. I try to keep pots from doing that but they do, every so often. Will I have troubles with my burners?

            1. re: dyepot

              Ever consider induction for that purpose? Very fast and a boil over won't be a problem.

              1. re: Rick

                By that I assume you mean flat surface? I use too many different, odd sorts of pots and commercial pans that would not translate to that system ... and that would cause me problems ... I think. I have home dyer friends who moved to that sort of "top" for home cooking and had to get rid of all their dye equipment.

                1. re: dyepot

                  FWIW, they aren't pilot lights like you'd see on a commercial stove. They're spark igniters (electrodes). If this is what you want, I'd go for it and replace them when they need replacing. The Viking ones I replaced mine with seem a lot less susceptible to problems from getting wet.

                  That said, if it's truly a commercial use, and you can meet the commercial requirements (clearance, fire suppression, etc), a commercial range would cost a lot less.

            2. re: willtv

              Will, I LOVE the way it looks! And you cabinets and your counter tops. Just like I see my new kitchen. Does your oven door get really hot? I read a review on a gas oven that the door got not enough to do some serous burning if you touched it. I really like how the oven door is black instead of stainless

              1. re: dixiegal

                We really like our new (2010) kitchen.
                We were never big fans of stainless and since our kitchen was going to be black & white we went with black appliances.
                The range, incidentally,is available in 190 colors for an upcharge of about $300.
                The door heat problem seems to be an issue from the past.
                Even then there was some controversy as to wether or not there was an actual problem, with some claiming the door was too hot and others not.
                My range is a V1.
                The V1 is an updated model in which Bliustar corrected the ills of the past.
                If you decide on a Bluestar you'll get a V1 as they've been producing them since amout May of 2010.
                So no, my oven door is fine.
                It gets no more warm than any other range I've ever used.
                You can find more info at the appliances forum.
                If you need more info from me, feel free.

                1. re: willtv

                  We bought a Blue Star last year and chose French Blue. There was no extra charge of $300, we just had to wait longer to get it.

                  1. re: escondido123

                    From what I've read, you snuck in under the wire.
                    Bluestar has, apparently , started charging for color within the last 8 or 10 months.
                    I've had mine since 2010 and also did not incur an upcharge for color.

                    1. re: willtv

                      It doesn't mention the charge on their website, but I'm glad we got in under the wire.

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