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Jan 17, 2012 01:44 PM

The Pluckemin Inn....not so good

Ate in the pub side, aka "The Plucky", and am sad that I did. We ordered the octopus carpaccio...they say that an octopus can cry, and I would too if I knew I were going to be served up resembling linoleum covered in olive oil. The tuna tartar seemed like it had been put through a blender and could be smelled two seats down. The steak frites had to be returned as it could not be cut with the knife provided. The replacement order of Griggstown chicken came out undercooked...but by then we'd had enough. The menu looks as though it's feeling the effects of reduced margins, and it's starting to show. Done with that joint.

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  1. I agree.....had a similar experience just last week, ....tasteless soup, tasteless steak, but the salad was outstanding......and it makes me laugh when I read the restaurant reviewers give the highest accolades just because the ambiance is appealing, and the "reputation" the business alledgedly has.....that, and the high prices that accompany the deceitfully small portions in oversized plates, which to me, is deceitful to the customer........

    1. Interesting as I have nothing but amazing experiences there with killer food, and quite possibly one of the best wine lists in New Jersey. I wonder if they had some kind of change in the kitchen there... -mJ

      1. Hmmm. I had heard rumors to that effect.

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          Checking the website, Juan Cuevas is still listed as e.c., and not heard any rumors that he'd left. (Nothing on Rosie Saferstein's Chef's on the Move listings.) But it does seem strange that there's food that bad with him helming the kitchen.

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            It happens....depending on the new restaurant the chef is hired.......he has to abide by the dictates of the owner, and by that, the food sometimes suffers.....for the prices the Pluckemin charge's, and the miniscule portions they present,......they have to be on top of their game quality wise.

            1. re: LEOFONT

              Chef Juan Cuevas is not longer with the Pluckemin Inn.

                1. re: RGR

                  I had heard rumors about it and a waiter confirm it on my last dinner there.

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              Today on Rosie's Chef's on the Move list he was listed; he left right after New Years Eve.


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                Saw that.

                Someone posted on another food forum that Cuevas will be opening a restaurant in Puerto Rico.


                1. re: RGR

                  Went to that above address and did not see anything

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