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Jan 17, 2012 01:31 PM

Continuing the search for my beer white whales...

Since it worked so well the last time I have to give it another go! I am looking to pick up a bottle of Founders CBS, Firestone Walker Abacus, Hopping Frog BA Naked Evil.

Thanks and cheers!

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  1. Probably have better chance over at in the New England forum.

    1. I know the Kappy's in Medford had the Founder's - not sure about the other 2. If you go to their Facebook page you can ask to be certain (beer manager does most of the FB stuff)

      1. After doubling what LStaff said I'll just point out that CBS almost literally sold out in minutes here at many stores here in MA. There's a 0% chance of you finding it on a shelf now. Speaking of, I'm very much not looking forward to this year's KBS release considering how increasingly crazy it gets.

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        1. re: jgg13

          You would be surprised what one can find sitting on a shelf....Cantillon FouFoune for me.

          1. re: phatchris

            FouFoune would surprise me a heck of a lot less than CBS.

            That said, I came across a whole slew of KBS months after it was long sold out. Granted it wasn't in New England, but when I looked at that region's BA page they all thought it was sold out as well.

            Supreme Liquors in Central used to be my secret weapon, but the BA crowd finally caught on. There's a *massive* disconnect between the people up front and whomever buys the beer as the front folks know nearly nothing about any of the good stuff which also leads to things like someone buying both cases of KBS they got in last year but also to some amusing conversations w/ them.

            1. re: jgg13

              I also found KBS in an unlikely place last year and they had a 2 bottle limit,that being said I grabbed my two and had my wife grab me two more.That was at the Wild Duck in the North End.

        2. In Framingham, at Atlantic Importing Co, they carry Hoppin Frog regularly. It wouldn't be a wasted drive as they have an awesome selection.

          1. Thanks for all the replies!

            I find that while there are a lot of benefits of BA forums, this type of request isn't normally in that category. Without going into too much detail I am a bit over the attitudes and ridiculous pricing of trades and the sort. And while there is definitely some overlap of users, chowhound has less people that comment on beers but normally higher quality comments.

            I understand some of these esp the CBS are long shots but last week I posted about parabola and FW 14th and even though no one specifically pointed me to them, I still found them which was a bit surprising. And as a couple comments point out...there is always a chance!

            I will have to make it out to framingham to check out that place. And as jgg13 can increase your chances of finding something rare on the shelf outside of the greater boston area. I have heard of crazy stories of super rare beers being "cellared" on the shelf in small stores in maine and once the BAs find out...there is a run like it is black friday!

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              Supreme also has a Quincy location with a ridiculous beer selection.