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Thai Red Curry Paste - to refrigerate or not?

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I just opened a container of it that I bought over the weekend. Do I need to refrigerate it once it is open or is it okay to leave it in the cabinet? I'm thinking that I'll use it periodically, but it is likely to last be hanging around my kitchen for a while so I want to preserve the flavor. Will refrigerating it ruin it?


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  1. I'd look at it like miso paste...and refrigerate it. Should last awhile and should be fine if it is sealed.

    1. I refrigerate it and bring up to room temp before I season or saute with it.

      1. I have always refrigerated this type of product with no adverse effects.

        1. Refrigerate, unless you like the taste of mould.

          1. I buy large amounts, break them down into the amounts I use for a dish, then vacuum seal and freeze, lasts forever. I also buy tomato paste and red chili paste in #10 cans and put them in 1/2 pint and pint mason jars and freeze them too, save alot of $.

            1. I'm going to guess that the curry paste is shelf-stable, due to the amount of salt in it. I keep mine in the freezer in a ziploc bag. I tried putting it in the refrigerator, but found that the odors from fish sauce and garlic penetrated the bag unless it was frozen.

              1. I keep mine in the fridge after opening, and it lasts forever there. I would not store it at room temp after opening. I've used stuff that's been in the fridge for a year, although I do believe that the heat tends to fade a bit at such lengthy storage. The ingredients seem to fend off any kind of mold or spoilage. The same might not be true, however, of Westernized supermarket brands. I'm talking the Mae Ploy or Maesri brands on hand at Asian grocers.

                Just seal it up in the original container (if it reseals) or in a tupperware-type thing.

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                  I freeze mine. It stays pliable enough to scoop (tub) or squeeze (packet) out what you need without thawing. Concur that it can lose some heat if stored for a while, though this varies from brand to brand in my experience.