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Jan 17, 2012 01:27 PM

Barolo Cafe in Tustin

What you guys think?

Thanks in advance, and is Keens Coffeehouse in the same mini-mall really good?

as well as Gen Korean BBQ? Is the korean bbq joint all you can eat?


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  1. I have heard good things about Gen, and Keen's is excellent, unless you love Starbucks. If that is the case, stick with what you know.

    Barolo I am not sure if I have ever even noticed it in 15+ years of living and/or working and dining in Tustin.

    1. Late reply, but just saw this.

      Barolo has a few excellent dishes with others ranging decent to mediocre. The Linguine Cardinale is mind blowing, incredibly creamy and rich with the pasta perfectly al dente. My knees quiver thinking about it. Get it! The chicken pesto is also great. Generous portions.

      The complimentary focaccia bread is good, but make sure you tell them you'd like your order cut from the center as its the much more soft and buttery. The salad is nothing to write home about.

      The specials can be hit or miss. Every now-and-then they have a duck raviloli that is quite delicious. Lemon sole with capers is good, too, when they have it.

      I've heard it described as Italian-American, but the owner/chef (and its just him cooking), who's name escapes me, actually moved here from Italy and started the place up something like 10-15 years ago so there's some authenticity to the dishes. He can be a character, shouting in Italian over sizzling pans amicably arguing with another patron about a soccer game on TV.

      1. Gen is pretty darn good quality and yes it's AYCE, $19.99 dinner and weekend lunches. $15 for weekday lunch. There's at least 12-15 different beef options for dinner. Wait can be horridly long especially now they're remodeling. I came right at opening for Sunday lunch and got seated in 20 minutes, first seating.

        Kean is the tastiest and strongest coffee I've had in OC. I'm no expert, but it's good to me!