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Jan 17, 2012 01:18 PM

Looking for a NYC/NJ venue for a cocktail-style wedding reception for about 100 - 125 people

Does anyone have any recommendations for a cocktail-style reception for about 100 - 125 people in either NYC or NJ? Basically, I just want passed hors d'oeuvres and a selection of chef's stations, plus open bar for the whole reception. The goal is to have an environment that is more on the modern side and is conducive for dancing and socializing (nothing stuffy or overly formal).

And to make things more interesting, the place would need have some kosher options (maybe a separate kosher station). Is that even doable? Two words: Oy vey.

Ideally, I am looking to keep the budget closer to $100pp for the reception and food/bar.

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  1. I cant speak to the kosher options because thats just not my thing, but ive spent a good deal of time in the last year looking at venue and catering options and I think you could maybe just about hit your budget BEFORE tax and tip, and the real killer is gonna be the booze. Id expect to pay in the 20-25 dollar per hour per person range (this is, ultimately, why we went with a venue that included a flat rate alcohol price given a maximum party size - it ended up being well under half the price we would have expected to pay for an hourly/per person set up).

    1. Hi, I am also looking for something similar.. I am wondering what places you found and if you are married now, where did you end up booking? I am from NJ but willing to go to NY, also..

      Thanks so much!!

      1. The original comment has been removed