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Chinese in Santa Rosa

Just searched for past posts, and the most current I found was from 2009.....anyone have any recommendations for Santa Rosa, Glen Ellen, Sonoma.........thanks.

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  1. Hang Ah Dim Sum
    2130 Armory Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95401-3610
    (707) 576-7873 ‎

    Best pot stickers in the entire bay area! This is actually some of the best Chinese I have ever had. If you go towards the end of the night and the staff is dining check out some of their off the menu items. They look amazing!

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      they are related to Hang Ah in the alley in S.F. Chinatown.

    2. Expanding the date parameters on search turns up a few more.

      China Room
      500 Mission Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

      Fresh China
      284 Coddingtown Ctr, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

      Royal China
      3080 Marlow Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

      Hang Ah Restaurant
      2130 Armory Dr, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

      Go Go Wok
      1791 Marlow Rd Ste 4, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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        I like these places in Santa Rosa. Can't think of any in the Sonoma/Valley of Moon region that I'd go out of my way to eat at.

        China Room

        2700 Yulupa
        Santa Rosa
        Gary Chu's

        China Room
        500 Mission Blvd, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

        Gary Chu's
        611 5th St, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

      2. Fon Lin Restaurant 2770 Stony Point Road, Santa Rosa has tasty lunch specials, player piano background music, nice staff.

        1. Have had some good meals at Royal China on Marlow but if you can travel a few minutes north to Windsor, try Chinois Asian Bistro. We like it much better than Royal China or China Room.


          1. I"ve been going to Goji Kitchen near SRJC and enjoying that too.

            Tom, thanks for tip about Chinois Bistro, looks great!

            Goji Kitchen
            1965 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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              f.y.i. the owner of Gogi Kitchen was a long time general manager at China Room. (or whatever title he had.)

            2. nothing worthwhile in Sonoma or Glen Ellen for chinese
              the indian place in Glen Ellen at jack London village - yeti - is very pleasant
              I like tov tofu beside whole foods in santa rosa on yulupa - not chinese but asian

              1. Any updates on the Chinese scene in Sonoma?

                [China Room in Santa Rosa is closed for remodeling.]

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                  Melanie....the China Room location has reopened with a new name. Passed by yesterday and noticed, the new name contains "China" , but, embarrassingly, I can't remember the whole name. Will try to check it out and post back.

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                    China Legend

                    Thanks for the news. Let us know when you've had a chance to try it.

                  2. re: Melanie Wong

                    fyi. China Room lost a lawsuit regarding back wages (unpaid overtime), they subsequently declared bankruptcy, thus the closure, i.e remodeling.

                  3. Thanks for heads up on China Legend.

                    Do you know if they have a lunch special?

                    1. Tried dim sum at Hang Ah this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised. It was pretty solid. It won't keep me from going down to SF for dim sum from time to time, but when I don't feel like making the drive I'll be glad to have decent dim sum nearby.

                      We didn't order anything non-dim sum.