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Jan 17, 2012 11:34 AM

Vegan Valentine's Day

I'm trying to find places for Valentine's Day that are vegan or vegan friendly. Most places are doing special menus that involve a lot of meat. Great Sage is offering special menu, but I just wanted to see if there were any other options. I'm not vegan, but my boyfriend is and it has been hard to find tasty options for him. Thank you so much!

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  1. Rasika has a great selection of vegan options. Nora's also has a vegetarian tasting menu.

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      Rasika would be my choice as well.

      Actually I'm lying---my choice would be to stay in on Valentine's Day all together, order take out and a nice bottle of wine and snuggle. And then choose another night all together to celebrate out in a restaurant. Valentine's Day is a crazy restaurant night where you are unlikely to get spot on service and will get gauged on special menus.

      But if you must go out---Rasika is likely to be a nice place to be.

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        lol! That is probably going to be my plan Elyssa!!

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          mine three. For the past couple of years My husband make some decadent and yummy appetizers, put on some duke Ellington and sit in front of the fireplace. It's a pretty nice tradition.

    2. Pre order or just pick up sweets for post dinner at Sticky Fingers - 14th and Park - they always have delicious cakes/cupcakes/brownies/chocolates/etc - if you're new to vegan dessert - stick with chocolate.

      Zatinya has a dairy free menu - pretty easy to find the veggie options from there. Egg is not a big issue there. Any Asian restaurant should have some options for you. Vegan + ambiance is a rare restaurant in this area :)

      1. Founding Farmers has a good vegan selection...and while some people aren't fans, I've only had one mediocre service experience and always good food.

        Busboys and Poets also has vegan food - I can't say that I've had anything specifically vegan there, but my husband loves their coconut fried tofu app.

        And if you're foodies more interested in amazing food out than atmosphere, do yourselves a favor and head to Saravana Palace in Fairfaz - AMAZING indian food - you'll have to be specific about vegan (vs. the possibility of ghee in the dish) but the food ROCKS.

        ETA: this is a good resource for any day of the week for vegetarians/vegans http://www.vegdc.com/

        1. Check to see if Estadio will have their regular menu. If so, plenty of vegan options and such a warm, cozy, romantic atmosphere.

          1. Thanks for the tips everyone :-). He doesn't really like Indian (he is a picky vegan) but Estadio sounds like a great option :-)