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Seeking Chinese bakery in Oakland or Millbrae, long hours a big plus.

I'm in the Bay area next week and want to bring some care packages of Chinese baked goods back to my bakery-deficient family. I'm looking for the big traditional Chinese bakery, with dozens of different bean-paste filled delights, some gelatinous rice treats, etc. Bao to eat on my 7:15 am flight would be a big plus--I'll have a fridge overnight.

My challenge is that I will have very limited hours to hit a bakery before my flight back--most of my daylight hours are booked. The easiest locations for me to reach the night before I fly out (and I need to assume I won't be at a bakery prior to 7 pm) would be in Oakland or Millbrae.

Many thanks, and I hope to help you all out some time when you're visiting the DC area.

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  1. There is a recent thread on Wonder Food Bakery at 340 9th St. In Oakland. It seems to be one of the busiest in Chinatown. Cash only. I don't know the hours.

    1. Places in Oakland like Wonder, Ruby King and Napolean probably close around 6. Also, selection later in the day might not be as good.

      Call them for hours

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        Yes, evening will likely be a problem at any bakery, anywhere. Best to go in the morning the day of the flight, and fly out of Oakland airport.

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          Exactly. Oakland Chinatown except for restaurants pretty much closes at 6 p.m.

          I like Tao Yuen Pastry...they seem to keep making stuff later in the afternoon and there's usually a short line out the door so turn over.

        2. I know Super Napoleon (my personal fave) in Oakland opens at 7a. If you can go early the day before rather than late, you may score you a few buns. I can't think of any open at 7p or later. SF Chinatown is a nightmare for parking during the day. SF Clement St will be a lot easier to access if you have a car. Clement Bakery is a great all around bakery but it closes at 6p I think. The other option may be to order a la carte from a restaurant w dim sum. It will cost more but maybe it can satisfy a craving.

          1. How about the big Chinese supermarkets? I think some 99 Ranch branches have bakeries. And some of the mall-based bakeries are open later. I think Sheng Kee might be open until 7:30?

            1. Give Wonder Food Bakery (510) 893-4193 If they are open their pastries are great.

              1. Thanks to everyone---looks as if this will be a challenge unless I get out of the Thursday afternoon meetings early. The 7:15 flight out of SFO is not one I can change. Fortunately, most of the Chinese pastries I'm after (except any with meat products) will hold up okay for a day or two.

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                  OK, but a tip for next time, or for anyone else wanting to take home Chinese pastries from the SF Bay Area: return through the Oakland airport mid-day or later. It's very easy to get there from Oakland Chinatown — walk to BART (Lake Meritt Station), BART to Coliseum Station, shuttle bus to airport. Getting to SF airport can be dicey, especially from Oakland.

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                    You can also use BART to get to SFO. No need for shuttle bus :)

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                      Yes, but that's a long ride. And instead of a shuttle bus, there's a shuttle train. Or if you are in SF Chinatown instead of Oakland, it's a long walk to BART, so another bus or taxi.

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                    There is a SOGO bakery in Burlingame at the border of Millbrae in the large shopping center with the CVS & Lunardi's:


                  3. For Millbrae, Broadway Bistro is open late, not a bakery, but worth checking out if you can get there in the morning may have Bolo Bao, Gai Mai Bao, and Baked Char Shui Bao that are decent but more expensive than if you were in Chinatown. I also would recommend their Milk Tea. There's also a bakery on El Camino, next to Sun's Market, but I haven't had anything there.

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                      J & J has inconsistent and overpriced pastries.(they always say price has changed). suzanne's @320 broadway makes their own and also carries sogo. don't know if 5th pastry is still free or not.