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Jan 17, 2012 09:42 AM

Private dining in Philly - max 40 people

We are planning on a hosting a 35-40 person dinner for our wedding celebration in Philly in June. Any recommendations? I am open to ANY suggestions. We are looking for something that isn't TOO stuffy. We love good beer and farm-to-table style food. But, like I said, any recommendations are welcome! I would love an option that has an outdoor area for that size (roof-top, garden, patio, etc) since it will be late spring. Thanks!!

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  1. One of my favorite outdoor patios in the Philadelphia area is M Restaurant which is attached to the Morris Hotel. They do weddings/rehearsal dinners there, and the menu does feature locally sourced food. I am sure other folks will have suggestions as well.

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      Thanks so much! The place looks beautiful.

    2. It's probably worth checking out Supper on South St.. They own their own farm, the food is more on the fun rather than stuffy side, they have a nice space upstairs for private parties and the food is generally good
      Out of 4 meals and several happy hours I've only been disappointed once - but that was a double failure of overcooked food and and horrible service in making up for it so I have some reservations about recommending them.

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        Thanks for the suggestion! I think I am going to check this place out. We just want to explore all options before booking!

      2. You might consider the room on the second floor of the Independence Visitor Center across from the Liberty Bell. I have attended a couple of functions there and have been generally impressed. I have no idea who does the catering or if you can select your own caterer. Just a thought for a different venue.

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          Wow, never heard of that. Thanks for the suggestion - will def check it out!!

        2. Do you have a budget?

          I had a rehearsal dinner/party at DiBrunos on the 1700 block of Chestnut. It would be a good size for your group, but it's not outside. It is BYOB, however.

          I've known people to have weddings here, but I've never been, so I'm not sure what the catering situation is:

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            Yes, we do have a budget - want to try and stay around $5,000 if possible. Awesome suggestion, I never thought of them! They did the catering for a sit-down dinner? How did you like it? We are okay with BYOB.

            Funny you sent the Dames since I have been looking at them. However, it is booked :(

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              We did appetizer stations on one side of the space (and maybe some passed apps) and then dinner stations on the other. It was very casual, but were able to do fancier if we wanted it. It may end up adding up to more than you want to spend, though, since there is a room rental fee for the upstairs space. It's worth looking into, though!

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