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Jan 17, 2012 09:38 AM

Classic Cocktails in Dallas

Any suggestions for a place that makes good classic cocktails with natural / fresh ingredients and a wide selection of ingredients? The place would make a cocktail like the Last Word, have house made bitters and maybe a barrel-aged cocktail or two. The People's Last Stand looks to be the best from what I can find with web surfing, but looking for other thoughts / ideas. Thanks

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    1. A buddy of mine named Austin tends bar at The Usual. I haven't been before but he's constantly posting about it on FB so I can sense his passion. I'd recomend good passion any day, go check it out!

      1. Besides People's Last Stand, there's plenty of places, take your pick...

        Windmill Lounge (personal favorite), Cedar's Social, Bolsa, The Library Bar at the Warwick Melrose, Chesterfield, Marquee, The Mansion's bar, Victor Tango's, any of the Neighborhood Services locations.

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          I've heard good things about Chesterfields.

        2. I'm surprised not to hear more about People's Last Stand. It seemed the most "cocktail" of all the places I've looked, based on their web presence.

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            Well, there's not much about it because it's still extremely new and I don't think people here have had a chance to check it out (myself included). Plus I think focus has mainly been on Chesterfield lately since people here know Lucky from Bolsa, and we've been eagerly anticipating his new bar for quite some time. People's Last Stand does sound like a good alternative to Trinity Hall when I'm watching a movie at the Angelika though.

            Also I'm not really sure what you mean about "the most 'cocktail'" but if you look up any of the places I'd mentioned on this site or Google, it's easy to see that they have serious cocktail programs and skilled bartenders. I know I'd read an article that ran through a bunch of Dallas area bars with artisinal cocktails, but don't recall who did it else I'd be happy to link you.

            e- here we go

          2. Try the bar at the Mansion if Danny is there. Great cocktails!