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Jan 17, 2012 09:07 AM

Atlanta Chowhound in Chicago for Business

Hey Fellow Hounds,

I'll be visiting Chicago pretty much weekly for the next few months. Been perusing the boards and the ideas look great, but was hoping some fellow food-lovers could help out with some more area-specific ideas, since travel and free time will be limited.

First- I love most food, but if I'm here would love to try some local or regional fare. Awesome Chicago Dogs, sausages, GREAT sandwiches (italian beef?), ANY must-visit restaurants. I am originally from NJ, so deep-dish pizza frightens me to no end... but if there is a must-try, I'd consider haha! Also, budget for my project is generous but I always should try to keep it within reason!

For at least my first trip up, I'm staying near Navy Pier right on the lake (although my hotels may change). I'll be looking for dinners in this area. Would be great to know some places I can visit for a bite before packing it in (I'll usually be on my own), or even great takeout I can bring back to the hotel.

I'll be working during the day on Madison St near Wells, Franklin, LaSalle, etc. These options will probably have to be either great takeout or quick dine-in.

Appreciate any help! I'll continue to look at other suggestions on the boards.

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  1. Dinners not too far from Navy Pier:
    Purple Pig, 500 N. Michigan
    Coco Pazzo Cafe, 636 N. St. Clair
    Bandera, 535 N. Michigan
    Sable, 505 N. State

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      All good choices for a single business diner. Sable has the advantage of being manly a great bar with awesome cocktails and good bar food. Purple Pig is also a fun place/gastropub. Coco Pazzp is the best for a not-too fancy sit-down meal. I think of Bandera as mostly a lunch place, but it has good burgers/veggie burgers/salads.