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Jan 17, 2012 09:00 AM

Any update on Catch, the new restaurant on St. Clair West?

I think it's by the Rushton people. Is it happening?

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  1. I was at the Rushton a week ago and there were murmurs of an opening in the next week or so. I could be wrong. Looking forward to it, as I've been enjoying the Rushton as of late.

    1. i hope it opens soon - i am soo looking forward to this..based on what i have read in the post city mag, i am dying to try it. hopefully a good fish/seafood restaraunt by the rushton gang will prosper ( and more importantly be good)

      (BTW - if you haven't read about it, its going to be the lesser used fishes in small plates (perch, sardines, herring, etc). the chef is the chef from bloom on bloor. and hes a NS native so hes got fish in his blood!

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        I just got off the phone and they are now taking reservations - I believe they launch next week and he had no problem taking a reservation for 2 weeks time.

      2. I drove past Catch last night and it was jammed. Not sure if it was a private party - but with the floor to ceiling windows, all I could see was people.

        Has anyone been?

        1. We have a reservation for tonight so I'll let you know how it goes - I'm very excited to try a new place in the neighborhood!

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            Any updates on Catch? Has anyone tried it and can provide a report. I've got a reservation tonight and haven't even been able to see a menu yet.

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              Hey there,

              We were there on Tuesday night, V-day. They had a set menu for that night but I took a peak at the regular menu (sorry, I should've snapped a photo of it).

              Service was excellent, even though it was very busy, and food was great. Hate to compare it to the Rushton but since its the same owners, the Rushton is more diverse. That said, they had plenty of options for non-fish eaters.

              We had oysters, fois gras, a Smoked Salmon/Grapefruit salad, Seam Bream with stuffed crab salad, Chicken and the Poached Pear dessert with Chevre. Looking very forward to trying the regular menu...And very happy to have a new restaurant in our 'hood! Now just waiting for Pizza ePazzi to open up at this location!

              1. re: shappy69

                Thanks - went last night and also had a wonderful experience. The place is small and cozy (although the tables may be a little scrunched together. We sat at the hightop tables that have a very interesting, real wood feel to them.

                The servers seemed very anxious, as can be expected from a new opening, but were all extremely pleasant and friendly. They are still getting their cocktails list together but I expect big things, given how great the drinks are at the Rushton.

                Our only server issue happened when we ordered a glass of wine that apparently they didn't have. Instead of explaining to us that the wine was not in yet and giving us a choice of what to do, the bartender just poured us a glass of a different wine (even though there were multiple other choices available). They were very understanding, though, when we said we'd like to try it before committing to the glass, and it turned out to be delicious.

                We ordered bread and olives - the olives are FANTASTIC - I am not a fan, however, of a restaurant charging 3 bucks for bread. The bread did NOT merit the 3 dollars and was perhaps the biggest disappointment of the night from a food standpoint (which is a really promising sign)

                To start we had a "clam bake" which is clams cooked in a shellfish stock with crispy pork belly and tomatoes, fileted and fried smelts served with preserved lemon and sauted spinach and an orange salad. The clam bake and smelts were both delicious and my wife, who doesn't typically like little fish, wanted to order seconds of the smelts. The orange salad was nice and light but felt like we were eating orange slices.

                For mains we had the safron Bouillabasse and halibut over a bed of wild mushrooms (the menu suggested it would be a different kind of fish (Branzino) and I suspect that it will be regular at this restaurant to have rotating choices). the halibut was definitely the star of the night and the wild mushrooms alone would be worth a return.

                All-in, a great night and a nice addition to the neighbourhood.

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              yes, it's
              They just updated the website and put the menu online