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Recommended restaurants (with outdoor space) for wedding reception - Near but outside Verona City

I apologize if this has been covered in a prior post. I remember seeing some discussion about the best restaurants in Valpolicella, but I can't find that post anymore. I am looking for a restaurant at which to host my wedding reception. Ideally, there would be some outdoor space, a garden, where we can have aperitivo in the afternoon sun, and then dinner either inside or outside. Delicious food is definitely a priority for me and my guests. I prefer not-too-fancy, but authentic and simple.
Does anything like this exist? We are mostly staying near Negrar. Thanks so much!!

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  1. How many people will be attending the reception?

    1. If you don't receive specific recommendations, look for an agriturismo with a restaurant: they generally have indoor/outdoor spaces and serve authentic cuisine. You could start here:

      1. Have you looked at this place, Dall Rosa Alda, near Negrar?

        Its a Michelin Bib Gourmand with outdoor space.


        wondering what tme of year this will be - if summer, you may not want to be out roasting in the afternoon sun for your apertivi.

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            i think 120 people is a lot for most agriturismi to handle unless they regularly host weddings or other events.

            If you are unwilling to go with a wedding planner in the area, try googling "ceremony weddings events restaurant agriturismo Negrar Italy" and see what you come up with. If you come up with zilch, substitute "verona" for Negrar and/or "relais" for "agriturismo". If you come up with anything promising, see if you can dig up reviews by googling the name of the place + "reviews".

            To plan such a big event, you need to be able to talk the same language as the venue owners and cooks. Even if you'd rather pick your own place, if you don't speak Italian, you might want to engage the services of an event planner who is fluent in both Italian and English.

            In addition to protection against sun, I think you need to be sure you can also move indoors or under a tent in case of a shower. The Veneto is lush because it rains more than, say, Sicily.

            Good luck and congratulations!

          2. JenK: Early September. We'd have umbrellas set-up.

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              Agree with BB. Id work with a planner for an event this large.

            2. http://www.villaquaranta.com/eng/rest...

              Here's a villa in the Negrar region to consider. From their website, grounds look lovely, a variety of services are offered and the onsite dining looks capable of handling your event.

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                First of all, congratulations. Best of luck with the search for a venue. We stayed at Villa Quaranta for a long weekend 4 years ago; the food was excellent. The manager of the restaurant at that time, Simone (?), was a real asset to the place - excellent with the guests, proud of his restaurant and accommodating where necessary. The hotel was (and probably still is) owned by the Tommasi family which meant that the restaurant had an excellent supply of quality wines at decent prices. Despite several trips into Verona for dinner / lunch, the most memorable meals of our trip were at Il Borgo, the hotel's restaurant. If I recall correctly, there was also a beautiful (if small) chapel within the main building

              2. Thanks for all of your helpful thoughts. We do have a wedding planner but they are not excited about the idea of doing it at a restaurant or agriturismo. I'll keep pushing though.

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                  This restaurant rates a "75" from Gambero Rosso, and claims 100 seats (quite large) and outdoor space.


                  Trattoria alla Ruota
                  Via Proale, 6,, Mazzano di Negrar, Veneto 37024, IT

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                    But I do want to point out that many an excellent restaurant in Italy cannot handle groups of 120 sitting down all at once -- they fall to pieces, or their best dishes cannot be made in those kinds of quantities, or are not amenable to buffet style service (which is common with such huge groups because it is easier).

                    I looked at the website of Trattoria alla Ruota, and unless I missed it, I saw no indication that they host big events. Usually a restaurant looking for that kind of business includes pictures of how they set up for such a party.

                    It is possible that Trattoria alla Ruota excels in this kind of party. But I would urge Hungry Karen for reassurances that it has done so for a few years, with many events per year.

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                      looks beautiful, will check this out, thanks!

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                        Jen: Just got back from the trip/wedding. We ended up going with a caterer (excellent, by the way, FuoriRosa based in Ferrara) with the reception at La Magioca (also amazing). But I wanted to let you know that Trattoria Alla Ruota was SO GOOD. It is up a winding road, with views for miles, perfect service and really really simple, elegant (but quite reasonably priced, e.g., under 12 Euros for secondi, less for primi) food. I am still thinking about the tortelloni amarone. You should check it out!!

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                          so glad it all worked out and that you liked this restaurant!
                          thanks for the report!

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                        Hungry Karen,

                        I'd be concerned that if you push, even if you win, at some point somebody starts to push back, if not immediately, then later, creating problems closer to the actual date. If the wedding planner doesn't have understandable reasons for not enthusiastically helping you make your wedding day exactly the way you want it down to the last detail (I thought that was the job), then you might take a look around for another wedding planner. Italy is loaded with them.

                        [PS: Try this link for restaurants and wineries that host weddings, and then see if you can find reviews, or ask here if anyone knows them)


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                            Have you been to the Enoteca della Valpolicella - part of the Corteforte Vineyard/Agriturismo. I wonder if they do events. THey get a mention by Fred Plotkin.

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                              I don't know that enoteca but I have had many, many happy experiences following in the footsteps of Fred Plotkin, not only with respect to food and wine recommendations, but also in meeting the people who own the places he recommends. I don't know him, but I've come to sense that he tends to put a high value on the quality of people as well as the quality of food.

                              An event that involves food or drink for 120 people really is large and requires practice to stage. I'd be tempted to find a local festival that is ongoing, and simply tell my guests to show up there!

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                                PS Hungry Karen:

                                here is a website that I just found that lets you search town-by-town in the province of Verona for restaurants. I looked for a place in Negrar, and you'll see if you look there is a restaurant run by a high-en chef who is a native of Negrar that hosts weddings, but is something of an unusual space.

                                But you don't like that space, you can use the website to look at towns adjacent to Negrar. If you don't what they are, locate Negrar on a zoom--able Google map online, and you can see the names of the towns around it.


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                                  oh, awesome thanks for the tip. Wondering if anyone on this board has eaten at Ristorante Al Tesoro in Negrar. I found it on the Valpolicella.it.