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Jan 17, 2012 07:48 AM

Birthday Cake: Wegman's or Costco?

Saturday is my husband's birthday and I wanted to order a sheet cake from either Wegmans or Costco. I'm going to Costco Saturday morning for a few other items and Wegman's is right next door. Has anyone tried both cakes and had a preference?

I've had a Costco cake a few years back, but don't remember if it was super sweet or just right. I wish they had more flavors than vanilla/chocolate/marble.

I've never had Wegman's birthday cake, but I have had their cookies and tarts, and loved them!
Online, I see that they have a variety of fruit fillings to choose from and that they have a trans-fat free icing.

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  1. A few months ago my friend held a dinner party for another friend's birthday. He ordered a chocolate layer cake from Costco and it was out of this world! It seriously tasted home baked and was incredibly good. He decorated it with strawberry slices to give it a slightly more elegant feel but it totally sold me on Costco cakes.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      Hi Elyssa-

      Was it a sheet cake? Was it chocolate with chocolate icing? My husband loves chocolate, as long as it in not over-the-top sweet! I was considering a chocolate cake with white icing if I went with Costco. Or maybe the marble cake with chocolate icing.

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        It was not a sheet cake. It was a round cake (chocolate--quite possibly devil's food cake) with chocolate frosting. It was DELICIOUS and beautiful looking. It was a layer cake.

    2. I personally don't like the sheet cakes at Costco because they're WAY too sweet. However, the round chocolate cake is amazing. I'm not a fan of their red velvet round cake, but for $'s not bad. That multi-layer round chocolate cake is awesome, though. We've had the sheetcake from there for work birthdays and they're just coyingly sweet to me.

      Now, Costco cookies - the best.

      I've never had bad baked goods from Wegmans. Personally, sheet cake at Wegmans and round cake at Costco.

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        Thanks Jesserf! Have you tried the new frosting at Wegmans? I've read mixed reviews on it. If I go with Wegmans, I will probably order a vanilla cake with Lemon or raspberry filling.

        If I had more people coming to the party, I would probably get two cakes, a chocolate from Costco and a small sheet cake from Wegmans.

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          My father ordered a sheet cake two years ago for my grandmothers 85th birthday everyone loved it. I have never had any baked goods from Wegmans.

          1. re: jllc30

            No, I haven't tried cake in a while (hence my weight loss!) but I think with Wegmans you have more customization options (different combos) than at Costco.

            That said, if you're entertaining a lot of people, I don't see anything wrong with Costco. They also have excellent fruit tarts and frozen cheesecake selection.

        2. Wegmans is very close to my workplace, and I and others make that our main stop when celebrating co-workers birthdays. Everyone has always been really pleased with them, and they don't seem over-sweet. Highly recommended

          1. I have had the sheet cakes (white and chocolate) at Costco and the white sheetcake at Wegmans. You will not be disappointed with either option but my next sheet cake is coming from Wegmans. The white cake with the berry filling and whipped cream topping is OUT OF THIS WORLD. The fresh berry filling is just that, berries. Not a jam or a puree, but a boatload of berries that roll around on the table as you're cutting the cake. This was perfect for summer time, very light and refreshing.

            As already stated, you have a lot of options with Wegmans in terms of cake, filling and frosting. You can see all the options on their website.

            If you have time to run over to Wegmans before Saturday, call and see if you can get a cake sample to taste before ordering. They will probably help you out. They are good about stuff like that.

            But really, you can't go wrong with either option.

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            1. re: Manassas64

              I'm hoping Wegmans is as good as you say it is! Yesterday, I ordered the white cake, white frosting and lemon filling. She did say that there was a berry option, but my husband is highly allergic to strawberries.

              1. re: jllc30

                That sounds really good, too. Let me know if you liked it.

                I'm going to Wegmans tonight and now I want cake!

            2. Wegmans has awesome cakes. I have been buying them for over twenty years now. started buying them when my adult children were toddlers. They are 25 & 22 and they still won't eat any cake unless its Wegmans.