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Jan 17, 2012 06:34 AM

BYOB north of Boston

any recommendations on a byob restaurant north of Boston. Somewhere along 93 would be nice. Any types of food are welcome.

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  1. If you don't care about real casual, then Zalek's in Wakefield. You can read a lot here about it. It's counter service, like a sub/roast beef place, but nicer atmosphere and they have really great food, esp. the seafood which is the freshest and best prepared around esp for the price. And family run by people who really care about what they do..Theres a table in a very private corner for about 6 or 8 and you could probably bring in anything to fancy it up if you wanted to like flowers or flameless candles etc if you asked. But its definitely byo beer and wine and great home cooked fish of a huge variety cooked on a grill that tastes like a summer cookout by a stream.

    1. Kyotoya in Stoneham, about 1/3 mile away from 93 on Montvale Ave.

      1. I think Pastalina's in Medford is BYOB, but better call to check.