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Jan 17, 2012 06:05 AM

Milan: One perfect romantic weekday lunch? Ideally in the center?

Hej all,

My SO and I are both travellers for work, and live on different continents at the moment.

We find ourselves with 24 hours in Milan next Tuesday. We'd like to have one wonderful meal not too far from the hotel. Since he's flying in from Asia, we're probably better off if the meal is lunch.

Any suggestions?

I've read through the Milan discussions here and elsewhere, and my first pick (Trattoria Milanese) only seems to do lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Based on other recommendations here, I'm also looking at Trattoria Emilia e Carlo, and only hesitate since an Italian friend of mine was not so glowing about his experience there. (Alas, he is not from Milan so cannot help me with what he *did* like.)

Price is not an issue. I'd like good food and wine, preferably Milanese food Our hotel is quite close to Duomo. We both like to walk, but say a 45 minute walk maximum. (I know we can take a taxi, but we really do like to walk through a city together.)

Romantic ambiance is a big plus, for obvious reasons.

Is there anyone who can help?



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  1. Il Salumaio di Via Montenapoleone. Not the best food in Milan but a wonderful place. Check their website.