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Jan 17, 2012 06:05 AM

Which would you choose?

Wondering which two you would choose to go to:
Piccolo Sogno

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  1. I'll pick three:
    Piccolo sogno

    1. Bonsoiree for sure.

      After that it more depends on what you're looking for. MK and Boka have similar food but different atmosphere's. Boka's is more high end feeling, quiet, formal, etc. MK is in a very open room so louder, less intimate etc. (really enjoyed both meals just comparing ambiance).
      Piccolo sogno is louder, more bustling, and less expensive than your other options - and of course italian food.

      Haven't been to Naha or Sepia.

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      1. re: PHXeater

        Boka "quiet"? I think not. Fortunately our food last time we were there was very good so we overlooked the decidedly non-quiet atmosphere. I haven't been to MK's in years so I really can't comment. I have had many great meals at Naha's over the years and I always look forward to a return visit. I haven't been to Bonsoiree but the menu greatly appeals I just wish they offered an ala carte option. The main attraction for me for Piccolo Sogno is the wonderful outdoor garden in the summer. Not an option in a Chicago winter. I had some really good pastas there at very reasonable prices but some absolute failures in their flat bread topped with truffles and cheese (Burrata I think) what a bland and boring "special" it was! Last time I was there I liked almost everything but truly loved their outdoor seating. I found Sepia to be a very attractive bore and have never returned.

      2. Naha hands down. Every meal I've had there has been a joy - with superb service and wonderful flavors.