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Jan 17, 2012 05:20 AM

Does AC warranty warped pans

One of my AC pans , which I use daily has developed a warp.
Not huge, but I noticed it rocking.....

Anyone know if their lifetime covers this ?

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  1. AC warrantied a roasting pan for me years ago. They did a lot of complaining about how I should not have put it on the stovetop. How the heck was I supposed to deglaze the pan? anyhow, they did replace.

    I have another AC piece, a skillet that has not been level since shortly after I bought it. I'm not sure whether it is warped or just unbalanced since it lists toward the handle. Anyhow, I no longer automatically assume that an AC product is first rate.

    1. You should contact AC. Warpping is usually due to the aluminum core warpping under sudden temperature change. So it is really up to AC if it wants to give you a new pan.