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Fresh baked bread

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Looking for a loaf of fresh baked bread, NOT french or filled with anything such as blue cheese, etc. All the bakeries I have looked up appear to specialize in King Cakes and pastries...does anyone specialize in breads?

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  1. La Boulangerie on Magazine has several varities of plain breads that aren't baguette, if that's what you mean by French. White and wheat sandwich bread, ciabatta, foccacia, etc.

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      Maple St Patisserie definitely has bread in addition to pastry. Also try the Tuesday farmer's market at Uptown Square (Broadway & River Road)...several bakeries offer bread at the market. I especially like Forte Grove's breads....FG is at the market on alternative Tuesdays.

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        I'd pay special attetion to HC's recommendations, as there're v.few more serious students of bread. 'Nuff said.

    2. Pardon my "French": specifically I am looking for Pan De Criollo, after returning from six months in the Caribbean, I fell in love with the Latin bread s there and would like to find some.

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        Sorry I can't point you to any Puerto Rican bakeries in SE LA, but you might try the offerings at Norma's in Kenner, 3221 Georgia Ave. It's a Cuban bakery, but the folks are friendly and might have some suggestions for you within Kenner's extensive Hispanic community. Also try Union Supermarket in Kenner, 2105 West Esplanade-- http://www.unionsupermarket.com/