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Jan 17, 2012 05:03 AM

Food Recommendations in Big Bear

Heading up to Big Bear in a few weeks. Any recommendations for breakfast, lunch or dinner? What to avoid and what not to miss!

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    1. There's an In N Out on the way up (on the I-215). Stock up.

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        Actually, I find Get the Burger,, to be far superior to In N Out. In fact they serve excellent burgers, fries, etc. It has been 4 years since I had one, so they may have gone downhill, but it was quite good at the time. Hopefully to op will get a little snow this weekend to enjoy his trip.

      2. For breakfast and lunch I am a big fan of the Belgian Waffle Works in Lake Arrowhead Village

        Belgian Waffle Works
        28200 Highway 189, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352

        1. My favorite place for breakfast is the Grizzly Manor Cafe. Get one of their huge pancakes and a side of their fantastic bacon and you are set for the day. On weekday mornings you should be fine, but I understand weekends can be quite busy.
          41268 Big Bear Blvd. Big Bear Lake, CA 92315. (909) 866-6226
          For regular food, it can be hit or miss. I had appetizers at the Cowboy Express Steak House and their wings were really good. Stay away from the pizza at Village Pizza. Thelma's is good for country-style breakfasts, lunch, dinner - known for their Pot Pies. I have heard good things about the Himalayan but have not been. Kujo's was good for sandwiches, but I think it is no longer that name so I am not sure. I like the hot dogs at Virginia Lee's but that was up for sale when I was up there in October and I am not sure if it is still open. I liked the spaghetti at Paoli's. I ate at the Lumberjack and it was servicable food. When I go with my mom, she likes to go to the Old Country Inn for their happy hour in the bar. We usually stick with their seafood selections. The restaurant serves German food, but I have never tried it. I also had some apps at Sandy's Sports Restaurant which were good.
          It's funny, I go to Big Bear a few times each year and nothing really strikes me a great food (or even memorable) except for Grizzly Manor.

          1. most places up there haven't changed menus in 40 years, so be prepared for plenty of coffee shops with mediocre food, like my kid's favorite the Teddy Bear, or places like Captain's Anchorage with overpriced mediocre food. but there are some rays of light, especially in the Village.
            Copper Q is a lovely new place that actually serves decent cappuccinos/espressos and freshly baked goods—a true rarity up there.
            I like Peppercorn Grille for lunch.
            also haven't tried the Himalayan, but they've added a great looking bar next door, which again is a welcome addition.
            for fun and a dose of kitsch, we like an early dinner at the Mandarin Garden at the airport. silly cocktails, leather booths and 1950s-era Chinese food while you watch planes land.