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Jan 17, 2012 01:28 AM

Food itinerary for first Paris visit


My partner and I will be visiting Paris for 8 nights in February. We are in our mid/late 20's and from Australia.

I love food and cannot wait for that aspect of our trip. We will be staying in Le Marais in an apartment, so I very much look forward to shopping at the markets for a number of meals.

For the other meals, I would like to have some restaurants reserved and the rest discovered, as we intend to do a lot of walking.

I understand most responders to this forum (this is my first chowhound use!!) want a specific genre/price range etc before giving advice.

We would like to visit mostly (if not all) French restaurants. The only exception to this is perhaps a Spanish tapas meal, if anyone can suggest one? Tapas, sangria and churros for dessert are the only prerequisites for that request.

In regards to French restaurants, we would like a mix. Could you possibly suggest the best value meal, best dining room, best food and best service? I want to experience all of these things but not necessarily in the same meal! (unless that is possible!)

I have already made bookings at L'Astrance for lunch, and Les Papilles for dinner (taking advantage of the LaFourchette special). I have also made reservations at Dans le Noir for the novelty factor, does anyone have thoughts on the food there?

If you have any meal suggestions they would be greatly appreciated! I am a huge seafood fan and love trying new partner, on the other hand, is less adventurous, so somewhere which has some safe options would be great (but if not, too bad for him!). Also, we would prefer to walk if possible so preferrably restaurants within a 3km/1.8 miles radius of Le Marais district would be great!

Thanks so much in advance for any assistance you may give.

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  1. In addition to the genre/price insight you give are there any restaurants that have been discussed on the board you want to learn more about especially the ones that offer good value, in great dining rooms, with good food and service...?

    Also wondered why Dans les Landes the tapas bar Parigi discusses at length on her posts doesn't pass muster as a recommendation for Tapas?

    1. Domaine de Lintillac for value. Cassoulet, duck confit with pommes salardaises.

      And if you are wont to go the Louvre, Angelina Cafe inside is worth it for a knockout steak tartare.

      A visit to Jacques Genin's tea salon for pastries is a Chowhound pilgrimage. A Paris exclusive.

      And a visit to the Galleries Lafayette food emporium is filled with many treats. You can sit down and eat at a few of the purveyors. Grab some beurre Bordier while you are there, and feast on it in the mornings with your petit dejeuner.

      1. I just checked lafourchette for the Les Papilles deal. You probably already know this, but in case you didn't, the restaurant (in the 11eme arrondissement) with said deal on lafourchette is not the same oft-discussed Les Papilles (in the 5eme).

        1. I really enjoyed Anthony Bourdain's show last night. It has a list of restaurants he visited along with Eric Ripert.