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Jan 17, 2012 12:57 AM

3 nights in tokyo alone for the first time. What are the top 3 restaurants I should try?

I'm traveling to tokyo this sunday Jan 22 to wed Jan 25. I'm looking for at least 3 good meals. I really like omakase style Japanese sushi and I heard a lot of good things about Sawada. Can anyone recommend a 3 night dinner itinerary for me? I could have the four seasons book them for me. I don't care too much for lunch time, I rather just explore, but a good dinner is a must.

Thank you

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  1. Have you done a search of this board? There are about a million posts on all sorts of sushi restaurants (including lots on Sawada). Otherwise the search for any type of Japanese cuisine will throw up multiple posts which will give you more than enough information. (There are also many "must-eat" posts which would seem to address your question, though other than sushi you do not mention what you are looking for - i.e., if there are other things you particularly like or dislike, if you are happy with Japanese cuisine only or want to try some foreign food as well and if you have a particular budget.)

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      There is absolutely nothing I dislike about Japanese cuisine, I love it all. I think Sawada is a definite must for me, I'm also thinking about Kyubey, which I heard was another great restaurant and then Tentake for fugu. These three restaurants are what I have got so far. I don't want any foreign cuisine, just japanese. Anyone have any other suggestions or must eats? anything? Has anyone heard of any of these restaurants? Any of them good?

      Nishiazabu Taku
      Ten-Ichi: Tempura

      I appreciate any recommendations.

      Thanks alot.

    2. if price isn't a factor, i'd suggest these:

      7chome kyoboshi - really expensive tempura
      tsukiji yamamoto - really expensive and traditional fugu
      kanda - minimalist-but-somewhat-modern counter kaiseki

      these are the best meals i've had in tokyo, after visiting three times, and trying ~12 top places. if you search the archives, you can find much more information and many more suggestions from people with much more experience. kanda in particular, i'm sure there is a better choice than, but i personally haven't found it.

      1. I guess you don't have much time left to do a research here. You should try making reservations asap.

        Anyway, my picks: Koju, Ryugin, Seisoka (their former chef just opened a new restaurant called Matsukawa, which is now ranked #4 as the best japanese restaurant in Tokyo in Tabelog. Might be a good idea to check it out), any high-end tempura (I'm not and expert. They're all very similar to me), Sushi Saito, Sushi Sho or Kyubei (easier to reserve a seat) or maybe some place to enjoy a nice wagyu beef.

        Or just buy the Michelin guide and see what appeals to you.