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Jan 16, 2012 09:24 PM

Gingersnaps as breakfast cereal

A friend brought a bag of store-bought mini-gingersnaps into work, and it got me thinking. Gingersnaps and milk are a great combo, and the mini-gingersnaps were the perfect size for eating with a spoon.

Of course, we ate all the mini-gingersnaps before I got to try it.

So, I would like to make my own spoon-size gingersnaps that work well as cereal. My go to recipe is the Joy of Cooking gingersnap, with double the spice, and somewhat undercooked, so that they are more crisp than snap. These do not hold up well enough to survive in milk for more than 20 seconds or so.

How would you modify a cookie recipe to make it more milk proof?

All the best,


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  1. If you coat each cookie in chocolate, that will waterproof them. And make for an extra healthy breakfast!

    1. I like that idea, but haven't had a chance to try it. I did end up using the Joy of Cooking, but used the next recipe in the book, which makes a much smaller, flatter, firmer cookie. It was delicious as cereal, but I did need to eat it pretty quickly.

      1. Are you committed to eating from a bowl with a spoon? I think it would be fun to make the gingersnaps into little sticks and dip them into the milk.

        If you want to do the "bowl and spoon" routine, you can try glazing the cookies with a thin sugar glaze.

        1. You could treat your Gingersnap recipe like a shortbread cookie and add oatmeal...while it would add some distracting nutritional value, it might also serve to 'bind' them for a milky bath, and then help them break up a bit when they soak it in..

            1. re: chowser

              I have made spice biscotti -- heavy on the ginger -- and while they do not have the molasses-y chewiness of gingersnaps they do taste quite similar.

              I would think for a more cereal-like effect you'd need to omit the molasses and add more flour, which may well equal something like biscotti.