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Ideas for corn-based desserts?

Thus far I have:

- Ice cream
- Pudding
- Corn bread (sweet)
- Corn cake

What others can you think of, or recommend?

And, um, Candy Corn doesn't count.


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    1. such a good dessert ingredient! does Masa count as well or only fresh corn preparations?

      1. - Flan

        - Chocolate tamal

        - Tamales dulces (sweet tamales, usually with fruit fillings)

        - Uchepo (green corn tamal, slightly sweet, usually served with a salty cheese and salsa) can be easily modified to be a dessert

        1. Caramel corn

          Corn fritters

          There's a Malaysian dessert that's kind of like a shake made with corn and condensed milk

          Some Chinese mooncakes are filled with sweetened creamed corn

          1. I suggest Curau de Milho Verde (Brazilian Corn Pudding), there's a recipe here: http://priyaeasyntastyrecipes.blogspo...

            1. The Filipino dessert maiz con hielo is made from corn kernels, shaved ice, sugar, and milk (sometimes evaporated milk). Vanilla ice cream can also be added. I actually prefer this dessert to the more well-known halo halo.

              Ginataang mais is a sweet corn dessert soup mad with coconut milk and sweet rice. Ginataan in general refers to dishes cooked in coconut milk, whether dessert or not.

              Maja blanca is a Filipino adaptation of the Spanish manjar which is sometimes called a coconut-corn pudding, but which is firm enough to be sliced so that some refer to it as a cake, instead. It's made with cornstarch and corn kernals are often added.

              Moving away from my Filipino heritage, I have seen recipes for bread pudding made from cornbread and attempts to use cornflakes in an analogue to rice krispie treats.

              1. Claudia Fleming has Candied Corn, is that better than Candy Corn?! Also cornmeal cake, cornmeal crepes and sweetcorn icecream. I do love polenta pound cake. I'm sure you could do some kind of sweet polenta with whole corn, kind of clafouti-esque.

                What about corn syrup?

                1. Milk Bar's corn cookies are outstanding! She also uses them as a crust for a corn ice cream pie.

                  1. You could make a corn panna cotta or flan with it; the sweetness would work nicely with the cream, milk and sugar. You could make an olive oil/cornmeal caked - it would be marvelous in that. I see you've got ice cream; excellent. What about a hit of basil in that ice cream, ipse?
                    This brings to mind that after a true formal fullcourse dinner a savory is generally served after the sweet. You could make fried, salted corn kernels for that; yum.

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                      Do you think basil would pair well with corn?

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                        I've had that, and it's delicious. The basil adds a savory note and cuts the sweetness..

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                          Sticking this under mamachef because she mentioned flan. There's a local restaurant that serves Venezuelan food (their arepas are fabulous). The chef makes something he calls a flan. It does not have the caramel sauce, just the custard (and I really think there's eggs in it). One time it was silky smooth, the next it had a little corn texture. He serves it with a dollop of whipped cream. Just delicious. No spices that we could detect; maybe vanilla? He serves it in wedges, so I suspect he makes it in a springform.

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                        One of the contestants on Chopped lastnight made ice cream with masa. He didn't win the whole show, but the judges were surprisingly pleased with the ice cream.

                        1. corn souffle

                          and yes, basil definitely pairs well with corn!

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                            was going to suggest corn souffle as well!

                          2. A couple of people have mentioned cookies. These Italian crumiri may be my favourite cookie of all time. I usually form them into little, fork-flattened oblong blobs (due to my lack of a good piping bag) and they're best half-dipped in dark chocolate.


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                              I am going to try these today! Found a lemon crumiri recipe in Tish Boyle's The Good Cookie. I don't have a piping bag either so mine will be discs too ... excited. I will half-dip in dark chocolate, also. YUM.

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                                Reporting in. The crumiri are lovely! :) Tried that recipe in Tish Boyle's book The Good Cookie -- the lemon cornmeal cookies. Delicious! Pretty, even without the piping bag. I just dropped 1-inch balls on a cookie sheet and slightly flattened with the palm of my hand.

                                Thin, not too sweet, and I doubled the lemon (zest of 2 lemons total). Perfect to accompany tea or coffee, or (as one taster said) to wolf down by the half-dozen after going for a run.

                            2. if i had to just do one dessert to blow corn away i would probably do a lightly sweetened corn bread topped with a corn ice cream and a cinnamon-sugar toasted tortilla crisp on top

                              1. A local fine dining restaurant, the Oval Room, recently had a dessert special of blueberry crepes with corn custard filling and corn ice cream, brown sugar almond streusel. Supposedly quite good.

                                1. che bap - Vietnamese sweet corn soup. Basil'd be good in it as well.

                                  1. corn cake tres leches (quatro - use coconut milk too).

                                    1. indian pudding is also a delicious corn dessert... as well as johnny cakes

                                      1. Sweet polenta with berries

                                        Polenta cake - there are various Italian cake recipes that include some cornmeal. Olive oil, rosemary, and/or orange zest may be used for flavoring.

                                        1. Triple Corn Mousse Cake -- corn chiffon cake (made with powdered corn), filled with corn mousse with a hint of lime, frosted with a corn (browned)buttercream, and garnished with fried sweet corn kernels

                                          Corn Streusel Pie -- I'd roast, puree, mill then strain the corn, and turn it into a custard filling, and top with streusel before baking
                                          ...or use the custard to fill fritters or crepes

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                                              Do you actually like cornstarch ice cream?

                                              I've tried Bittman's recipe and it just didn't do anything for me. I'll take egg-y ice cream any day.

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                                                I waaaay prefer it. Especially Jeni Bauer's recipes...

                                                1. re: Becca Porter

                                                  i agree. her cornstarch recipes have turned out very good for me so far. even with my (blurgh) cuisinart ice cream maker

                                            2. that sounds like a winner for sure... bookmarking!

                                              1. Baking Obsession blog has a lot of cornmeal based desserts. I make the ones in the link all the time, sometimes swapping out lemon zest and blueberries for the orange zest and cranberries. They aren't too sweet, so are nice for an appetizer too if you make them small.


                                                1. quesadilla made with white corn tortillas, goat cheese and guava paste. YUMMMMM

                                                  1. Grandma used to make a corncob jelly that we used on all sorts of things, but it was spectacular over vanilla or butter pecan ice cream. Sadly, I don't have her recipe, but I've seen some on the internet.

                                                    1. The Cakebread Cellars Winery Cookbook (link here: http://www.amazon.com/Cakebread-Cella... )has a recipe for a Polenta Cheesecake with Strawberries Macerated in Zinfandel.
                                                      Helped my hostess make it in California; it is to die for!

                                                      1. A few puffs of a quality turkish tobacco is a nice dessert. If you don't have a seasoned briar or meerschaum on your rack, you could devise a corn cob pipe. Would that count?

                                                        1. An American Colonial dessert, HASTY PUDDING aka INDIAN PUDDING, essentially a cornmeal mush made with milk instead of water and sweetened with molasses, sometimes flavored with cinnamon.

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