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Jan 16, 2012 08:52 PM

Chow Lists Are Accessible Again

Not sure when this happened, as I've not tried to open one since Jan 10. But I just discovered that Chow Lists seem to be open again. On my browser, there's no map, and I can't delete or otherwise edit the lists.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Melanie. I decided to get off as much as i absolutely did not want to lose.

    I also saved off the list you did of my Gautemala drive. Thanks for doing that.

    This is such a shame. Especially with smartphones this info would have been so helpful.

    Also, I know i am just not going to be bothered cutting and pasting that info over and over so anyone who might have found it useful ... too bad. There is currently a thread about a South Bay inquiry. That poster would have been helped by some of the info in the lists.

    It seems I can put maybe half of this in Yelp lists. It is ok for best restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf, but doesn't work so well for things like best pumpkin pie in the Bay Area.

    I've already copied my recipes to other sites should that be something else that breaks for months or gets abandoned.

    Retrieving those lists just makes me angry all over. How does one go to one's boss and say 'We are dumping more than half of the work done on this site over the past four years because it was so badly implemented ... oh yeah ... it is presented as speeding up the site even though no one is currently complaining about the site being slow. That the user experience of not having easy access to resturant addresses is superior. It is so much better to have people repeatedly have to look up that information and manually key or paste into post after post. Someone should go back and add up the money that is being flushed down the drain. Again it just kills me that parts of the site that would be gold for smartphones is just getting written off like this.

    Sorry. I had decided not to complain about this on this site again, but retrieving those lists just worked me up. After getting the rest of my lists off, I need to take time away from Chowhound. .