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Best Products at Cost Plus World Market?

Do you have any favorite or staple food-products that you seek out at World Market? I really enjoy reading everyone's favorite products at TJ, Costco, and other stores.. I thought I'd see if anyone had any 'gems' at World Market.


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  1. About the only thing that really interests me at Cost Plus are the imported candies.

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      +1 Maltesers and amaretti cookies for me. YUM. Oh, and wine gums.

    2. We like the Al Fez apricot & coriander simmer sauce for those times when you don't want to have to put much effort into dinner. Also the no-salt added Hakubaku udon noodles.

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        I enjoy finding unique sodas and trying different wines.

        This Christmas we got this interesting soda assortment and had a fun soda tasting.

      2. I adore their gingersnap cookies and olive oil biscotti bites. To me, they are much better than either snack from Trader Joe's. It's too bad World Market is waaaay out of my way.

        1. The Nyaker ginger thin cookies are my favorite. I also got some kind of sparkling mock margarita that was really good.

          1. Devonshire/english cream for scones
            Various european chocolates
            Cadbury choclate cookies

            1. I buy quite a lot there... While some things are more expensive than the grocery, I find some specialty items to be more reasonable there.
              Bagged Spices
              Coffee--Their house brand and the Cafe Du Monde Tin Cans
              Ginger People Products--love the Ginger Chips for baking when I'm feeling Lazy
              Their brand dark choc. w/sea salt is great
              Olive Oil
              Preserved Lemons

              I enjoy browsing the wine selection, although I never buy wine there unless it on sale or an exclusive. I seem to always find it cheaper somewhere else afterwards if I pay full price.

              1. Their house brand Kenyan whole coffee bean. Good price, and combine that with their frequent coffee buyer card, double coffee credit Wednesday, and World Explorer coupons (there is always a 10% off or $10 off 30 coupon).

                I also prefer their chocolate lacey cookies over Trader Joe' s version.

                1. I like the sodas:

                  Nesbitt's Orange
                  Old Town Root Beer
                  Blood Orange Soda

                  1. Zapp's Potato Chips.
                    Duke's mayo, though I haven't seen it in quite some time.
                    Puckered Pickle sport peppers and neon-green relish for Chicago hot dogs.
                    Heinz Beanz, for beanz on toast.

                      1. A Spanish style chorizo (not always) and sherry vinegar. Otherwise I focus on sales items, especially in the kitchenware.

                        1. Cost Plus is the only place I've found that carries the Ritter Sport chocolate bars with cornflakes, which is my love. I also like the Emme fondue, which is about half the price of the same item at my local grocery stores.

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                            As difficult as it may be to believe, I almost always find the Ritter Sport chocolate with cornflakes at Target. Usually only $2, too, much less than Cost Plus has them priced.

                            Location: San Diego, though Target probably carries them nationwide

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                              At my nearest location, Cost Plus is right next to Target. So I can easily browse both. Unless they are on clearance or truly unique, CP prices are seldom the best.

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                                Thanks for the tip on Target, RB. I was there today and picked up a couple Ritter Sport bars for $1.97 each. Never thought to look there, the only other place I've seen them other than Cost Plus is Trader Joe's and they don't have any of the interesting flavors.

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                                  The Walgreens in my area have a (strangely) huge selection, they also carry some Milka bars and sometimes Kinder Bueno... for better price then Cost Plus.

                              1. I haven't been in there in a few years but there was a great bag of bleu cheese chips. If anybody knows the brand, please post.

                                1. Xochitl sea salt tortilla chips are the best tortilla chips I've ever had, including fresh-made chips in most Mexican restaurants. For the longest time, I could only ever find them at World Market. Now Publix carries them, and they're a hell of a lot closer, but I highly recommend those chips no matter what. They're a little too thin to be ideal for dipping, but still awesome.

                                  I also liked getting Zapp's potato chips from Louisiana, Volpi red and white wine-cured salamis, and decorative mini-kegs of Virgil's root beer at World Market. Unfortunately, the only one left around here is half an hour away, but we had a lot of fun there after getting a World Market gift card as a wedding gift two years ago.

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                                    Thanks for the Xochitl recommendation, I've been looking for a thinner chip than the regular supermarket brands.

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                                      These are the best bagged, storebought tortilla chips on the planet, I'm not kidding!


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                                      I was disappointed to see that Xochitl chips aren't available in less than $5 bags. Not conducive to a test tasting (and I'm single, so a bag that size will go stale before I've eaten much of it).

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                                        Keep your eyes peeled. These are sold in mini sized bags, although maybe not at World Market. I bought them once at a gourmet grocery and I just checked and they are sold on their website this way as well.

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                                        Another thanks for the Xochitl tortilla chips recommendation. Got some today and LOVE them. They go great with the TJ's Salsa Especial I picked up yesterday. They're so light it's hard to stop eating them.

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                                          Yea yea! I try to never steer anyone wrong on here. Glad you liked them!

                                      3. For me it's Marmite, although I know that is a controversial topic. I also think that they have a good wine dept.

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                                          Exactly what sort of controversy surrounds Marmite? Most people think it is awful, and those that do enjoy it will readily admit it is an acquired taste. :)

                                        2. Love x3 Cost + World Market if, for no other reason, because they carry these (and at generally reasonable prices):

                                          Lotus Biscoff Speculoos
                                          REAL (not Hershey's licensed) Cadbury Chocolate Bars
                                          Walkers Yard of Shortbread (Awesome stocking stuffers!)
                                          Opera Prima Tempranillo
                                          Lindemans Framboise Lambic

                                          1. They carry French carbon steel fry pans and crepe pans, sometimes at 50% off. These are the Force Blue line, not the heavier ones at WS, but still worth looking for.

                                            1. German cookies at Christmas time!

                                              1. I dig their incense and candle selections!

                                                1. I like the Branston Pickle relish, Anne's Swedish ginger thins, Frontera bottled salsas, Single serving packs of Nutella (a whole bottle is dangerous) And the avocado flavored tortilla chips whose name I can't remember. But I can find those in regular grocery stores now.

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                                                  1. re: LA Buckeye Fan

                                                    They sell Branston Pickle there?!?! Good to know!

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                                                      Guacachips! They also have Salsitas, which are salsa-flavored tortilla chips.

                                                    2. They always have it at the one by my house in Valencia.

                                                      1. my faves are:
                                                        dussaldorf mustard in the beer stein
                                                        daves pasta sauce, esp the butternut squash one
                                                        RT. 11 potato chips ... best chips eveh in the whole wide woorraallld!!! all of the flavors rock, but the chesapeke crab flavor is off the hook! bq chips are also drool worthy if you can get your hands on a bag
                                                        sriracha sauce, of course
                                                        spices, black peppercorns, curry, etc
                                                        pacific foods cashew carrot ginger soup, such a essential + yummy flavor, alone or as a base for magical things
                                                        ritter sport bar yogurt flavor

                                                        i heart my cost plus, plus it's within walking distance, bonus!!!