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Jan 16, 2012 07:27 PM

Best Bolognese in town

In my search for the best Bolognese sauce in the Boston area, I keep returning to Sportello for a stunning treat. I'm especially pleased with the mix of veal, pork, and (what I believe are) chicken livers. Are there other contenders for a knock-out Bolognese?

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    1. Teatro has a great rigatoni bolognese and Prezza has an amazing gnocchi rigatoni.

      1. Of the two mentioned, I prefer Teatro more then Via Matta. 1/2 order and a side salad. I will add Sportello to my list to compare. Although taking the time and offering up a bottle of red to make your own can be the most satisfying of all, but it takes 2 days!

        1. Il Casale in Belmont has an excellent Tagliatelle Bolognese, made of beef, pork, veal, mortadella, pancetta and chicken livers. Good stuff.