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Best Bolognese in town

In my search for the best Bolognese sauce in the Boston area, I keep returning to Sportello for a stunning treat. I'm especially pleased with the mix of veal, pork, and (what I believe are) chicken livers. Are there other contenders for a knock-out Bolognese?

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    1. Teatro has a great rigatoni bolognese and Prezza has an amazing gnocchi rigatoni.

      1. Of the two mentioned, I prefer Teatro more then Via Matta. 1/2 order and a side salad. I will add Sportello to my list to compare. Although taking the time and offering up a bottle of red to make your own can be the most satisfying of all, but it takes 2 days!

        1. Il Casale in Belmont has an excellent Tagliatelle Bolognese, made of beef, pork, veal, mortadella, pancetta and chicken livers. Good stuff.

            1. Thanks for these recs! I've only had apps and drinks at Via Matta and will give it a try. Would love COPPA to add it to their menu. But of course, nothing compares to making it yourself. I've enjoyed making the Williams-Sonoma recipe with a slow-cooker and mixing in veal and chicken livers with the beef, pork, and pancetta. http://www.williams-sonoma.com/recipe...

              1. My favorites are Deuxave, dBar, Lucia in the North End, and Scampo!

                Via Matta wasn't my favorite.



                1. Via Matta and Pasta Beach.

                  1. For me it's a tie: Via Matta, Teatro, and Pasta Beach. I'd try them all again,...and again,...
                    and again.

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                      Thanks for the "heads up" about Pasta Beach CocoDan - it's pretty close to my office so I'll have to give them a try. I always get a chuckle out of the name - I keep thinking it's named after the chick who makes the pasta! Now I just gotta keep from laughing when I order .......

                    2. definitely will have to try the bolognese at sportello next time we go. we had a fabolous meal there NYE, great PEI steamed mussels app and some great potato gnocchi (worth the 22$, seriously).

                      1. Now that my mouth is watering for it, I really like the version they prepare at San Pietro in Norwell. It's the closest to what I had in Italy. Don't go there often, but I'm never disappointed when I do. A little pricey for out of town, but worth it.

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                          Saporitos in Hull does a nice bolognese.

                        2. Sweet Basil in Needham. Hint of sweetness from the carrot and port - delicious!

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                            I'm a fan of the Sweet Basil version as well.

                          2. I enjoy that with 12 replies it is all on the same verticle slant - not one bicker really, just opinions.

                            1. Out of left field- Harry's in Brighton. Wild boar belly, lamb and beef. Pappardelle.

                              1. Highland Kitchen has a GREAT bolognese on their menu!

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                                1. I'm not surprised Sportello's is great. Barbara Lynch has been making this dish for years.

                                  Going in a little different direction and at the lower end of prices, Hot Tomatoes on Bedford St does a really nice Bolognese. Very convenient for DTX area workers who have a craving at lunch and no time for an all out dining experience..I do takeout. HT was owned by the Carmen people...and was a great alternative in the NE. Family disputes caused the NE store to close, recently reopened and I don't know who the current ownership is..but a very good Bolognese recipe was passed on from Carmen.

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                                    Hey 9, I noticed that Hot Tomatoes (Express?) opened in the North End in the old Lyndells space - have you (or anyone else) tried it yet ? : )

                                  2. Not Boston, but the bison bolognese at the Abbey in Brookline is excellent.

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                                      Also not Boston, but the version at L'Andana in Burlington is very good. Haven't tried it at Rino's yet, but their version of Amatriciana is probably my favorite past dish in the Boston area ....... so far!

                                    2. recently had Lucca's and really enjoyed it (i did not love Via Matta's) i was about to recommend the Salty Pig's and realized we had pig trotter ragout not bolognese. but that ragout was one of my favorite pasta finds in years.

                                      1. Stella has amazing Bolognese sauce...

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                                          Outside of my house? I do like Sportello's bolognese. I'm also surprised that La Morra in Brookline Village isn't on this list. Perhaps it's off the menu, I haven't been there in a bit. I thought Davio's bolognese was flat.

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                                            I'm surprised about La Morra as well, as the bolognese there is outstanding...

                                        2. This is a great thread. I picked up a lot of places to try. I would second Highland Kitchen and add that the sleeper for me is Pasta Market Cafe in Malden. Prisco makes one of the best bolognese sauces I have had.

                                          1. Delfino in roslindale. made with mascarpone. amazing.

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                                              I have never tried the bolognese at Delfinos. I will be there in a couple of weeks and may just have to try it!

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                                                Was at Delfino's last night and tried the bolognese.......yes!....aMAZing!

                                            2. It's a crime that it's all the way out in Worcester, but VIA Italian Table on Shrewsbury Street has some of the best Bolognese I have ever tried. Combine with the grilled Caesar and it is the perfect meal.

                                              And the worst? Davio's. Let me clarify - Patriot Place Davio's. Utter and complete slop.

                                              1. I too like Via Matta and (God help me) the ancient chestnut Kitty's on Rt 28 in North Reading. Nothing fancy, but serviceable, the latter is.

                                                1. Anyone try Gran Gusto's version? Never had it myself but it comes highly recommended from a friend.