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Jan 16, 2012 06:56 PM

Comfy, late, light meal and drinks?

Dear friends are flying in for a visit this Thursday, arriving around 8:30 p.m. I'm looking for a comfortable place for 3-4 people to catch up, have drinks, and order smallish plates, downtown or on the east side.

Takoba's bar or Justine's, if they're not crowded, would work. The comfy couches of the Driskill bar might suit, though I'm not so excited about the food there.

Do you have any go-tos when conversation is as important as the food & drink?

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  1. I would recommend East Side Showroom over Takoba. Better food, better bar, better atmosphere. Their kitchen is open late (until 11, I think) and the drinks will be infinitely better than the offerings at Takoba.

    1. I'll second Justine's, and add Parkside. Justine's won't really satisfy your small plates request... they pretty much just carry your standard brasserie type apps and entrees. That said, it's still tasty. Parkside has great drinks, great oysters, is open late, and it's a great place to share a bunch of small plates (that's kinda their whole M.O.).

      1. Second. Kitchen open until midnight, normally quiet late. Solid drinks.