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Jan 16, 2012 06:37 PM

Do bananas continue to ripen once "opened"?

So I made the mistake of partially peeling what turned out to be an under-ripe banana. Will the banana continue to ripen just sitting on my counter/is there anything I can do to ensure it doesn't go to waste? Thanks!

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  1. yes it will. the exposed part will definitely be brown and kinda squishy, but it will continue to ripen

    1. try putting the peel back in place and wrapping the split peel area in saran to keep the air out...or go an alternate route, wrap the whole thing in foil and roast it!

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      1. re: BeeZee

        This works awesomely well. If you've ever made banana boats you know the banana needs to be green for it to be good by the time it's done.

        1. re: amcclaran

          I'm curious. How's the banana doing?

          1. re: bobbert

            haha! actually it all worked out quite well just sitting on the a bit brown as mattstolz predicted but i just added it to oatmeal - problem solved!