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Jan 16, 2012 05:55 PM

Where to find Prague #1 Powder in Mississauga for making a ham...Superstore just had a big sale on pork leg...

Hi..if anybody knows would appreciate it...grabbed a 22lb pork leg that I want to cure or brine for a few weeks and the above seems to be a vital component...thanks Bob

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  1. Prague Powder #1 is pink salt or sodium nitrite. Used for short terms cures and meats that will be cooked ie. Bacon, Pancetta, Ham. Not a substitute for NITRATE and should be used following correct guidlines. Most butcher shops should have it on hand. Shouldnt need more than a dozen teaspoons for that pork leg, but google anything from Brian Polcyn or Len Poli for accurate measurements

    1. Make sure you're getting the exact stuff that you need, but my local Superstore has had the same sale on for a couple of weeks now. Last year when they had a similar sale, they stocked sausage-making items (pink salt, casings) as well. I asked the woman at the meat counter if these would be available, and she said that yes, in February when they have the next sale, they should have these items in as well. Hopefully she's right, because I'm rationing out the last of my own pink salt as if it's gold dust. Hope that helps.

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        My local fortino's is now carrying Readycure (as mentioned below) at 3.79 for a 1 KG bag. It was located in the open refrigerated displays holding the pork shoulders. Saw a family come in and buy like 10 legs and a few shoulders... guess for sausage making.

      2. Bass pro shops at Vaughn mills sells cure #1 year round in their sausage making aisle. Most Canadian places sell 1% instead of the 6.75% of cure 1 which makes following most American recipes a pain in the butt.

        1. if you're interested in ordering in bulk and other producst for home curing/sausage making, try here...

          1. I buy ReadyCure at Highland Farms, a nitrate product similar to pink salt, and is made by Canada Compound, which is located in Mississauga.

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              N.B. - I believe Ready Cure is 1% sodium nitrite (not nitrate), as opposed to the more common 6.25% found in prague powder #1 (or Instacure, or pink salt).

              Most recipes (at least, most of the ones I have) seem to call for the 6.25% sodium nitrite concentration.

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                It is. I make an outstandingly credible Montreal smoke meat and I worked out the Instacure (6.25%)/ Readycure ratios- basically you switch the curing agent and kosher salt proportions and it's the same result.

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                  Just wanted to clarify, there is a fair bit of 'conflicting' information with curing/smoking.

                  You obviously have things well at hand.